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Goddess Isis 5D Ascension Mentorship Program

This program was created under the instruction of Goddess Isis with the intention of helping all those who are ready to ascend to the next level in the collective evolutionary cycle. The attunements and activations in this program will create a shift in your vibratory level so that you may integrate the templates which are available to the Earth collective through the crystalline grid at this time. The coaching and mentorship received in this program will further prepare you for what lies ahead. (4).png

Week 1: Great Pyramid Attunement

The Great Pyramid is an important focal point for filtering through ascension codes on a personal and collective level. These codes will change depending on what is needed at any given time. This first week will focus on connecting to the Great Pyramid to receive an introduction to the upgrades we'll be receiving throughout this program. 


Week 2: Crystalline grid Attunement

This week will focus on tapping into the crystalline grid to begin absorbing the codes within the 5th dimensional templates of the planet. Here is where we will retrieve what has been received as downloads from the infinite cosmos for our spiritual evolution.


Week 3: Golden orange ascension ray transmission

After tapping into the 5th dimensional crystalline grid, we'll be allowing for the golden orange ray of ascension to bring forth a transmission which will help us move to the next vibratory level. 



Once the golden orange ascension ray has done its work, the pineal gland and all its extensions will receive a full upgrade. This will be transmitted through the top of the head then sent through the entire pineal framework.



The final step in this process will be the integration of these ascension downloads into the etheric and physical body. It should be noted that this process can take time and will cause a variety of symptoms within the body. 

This ascension program will be facilitated by Goddess Isis in collaboration with Archangel Metatron and the Arcturian Collective. Each week, we will receive relevant information and mentorship along with the attunements, activations and transmissions listed above. This program will run as a group level mentorship through Zoom with replays sent after each meetup. If you cannot attend live, it is fine. Let me know so I can properly instruct you how to proceed. You will receive a confirmation email upon registration and will receive more details within a few days prior to the start date.

The journey will begin on April 12th at 3pm EST with  1-1.5 hour meetups every Wednesday at 3pm EST until May 10th. 

$195 for 5 weeks

Payment plans available upon request.

*Golden Goddess Initiates and regular ascension event attendees can receive a special discount.
Contact me for more information 



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