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Welcome friends. Allow me to tell you a bit about my journey. I was born into a family that triggered my spiritual memories from an early age. I had a strong interest in Ancient Egypt as a child which followed me into adulthood. It was during college that I was called to be initiated into Reiki. From that point on, I was broken open and began feeling the call of my heart more strongly. When I was visited by my star family in 2012, everything was catapulted to the next level. Everything I knew to be true began slowly falling apart, a process which I handled with much resistance. It wasn’t until my star family returned in 2014 that I was given the keys to my life purpose. After this second visitation, I moved forward with a new sense of purpose and reassurance. As expected, the roller coaster ride of awakening and spiritual growth continued, bringing me to this current point. After years of experience and ripening, I am ready to share with you all the wisdom that has been gained and revealed to me throughout my journey. I am here to bring you to the next level of your Divine human potential. (6).png