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Welcome friends. Allow me to tell you a bit about my journey. I was born into a family that triggered my spiritual memories from an early age. I had a strong interest in Ancient Egypt as a child which followed me into adulthood. It was during college that I was called to be initiated into Reiki. From that point on, I was broken open and began feeling the call of my heart more strongly. When I was visited by my star family in 2012, everything was catapulted to the next level. Everything I knew to be true began slowly falling apart, a process which I handled with much resistance. It wasn’t until my star family returned in 2014 that I was given the keys to my life purpose. After this second visitation, I moved forward with a new sense of purpose and reassurance. As expected, the roller coaster ride of awakening and spiritual growth continued, bringing me to this current point. After years of experience and ripening, I am ready to share with you all the wisdom that has been gained and revealed to me throughout my journey. I am here to bring you to the next level of your Divine human potential. 

In this time of change and challenge on the planet, it is vital that we begin to return back to our cosmic origins and re-establish our Universal connection. We are more than our labels. We are more than our productivity. It is time for us to open our hearts, to honor our planet as a living breathing organism and to remember the Original Plan, which is that of spiritual evolution and Divine remembrance.  

It is my mission and heart's desire to assist others in awakening to their true nature as beings of Divine consciousness. It is also important to me that people reconnect to the planet as a living, breathing organism so we may return to the consciousness of Oneness that we once carried in ancient Lemuria. I believe this Lemurian consciousness still remains in the blueprint of our souls and in the depths of the Earth. I carry out this mission through a number of ways including:

  • Serving as a vessel for the Divine and higher level beings and sharing their messages with humanity

  • Walking the Goddess path, sharing her wisdom and helping other people connect to the goddess within

  • Using energy work to assist in the process of removing blockages towards remembering one's soul essence

  • Facilitating the activation of the New Human Template within the genome of humanity

  • Restoring the relationship between human and nature by communicating with and healing the fauna, flora and nature spirits of the Earth, and encouraging humanity to do the same

  • Working with the crystal beings whether mined or still embedded in the planet to allow for the absorption of pertinent light programs for spiritual evolution

  • Navigating through the "dream" to integrate information and healing templates from parallel dimensions

  • Painting my visions and experiences of otherworldly beings and spaces

  • Being a vessel for Spirit through movement and dance

  • Serving my community through volunteer work

Overall, just being who I am and living in the flow allows me to serve humanity and the Earth in the way that supports the highest good of all. (6).png
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