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Here, I share with you an ancient modality which has been retrieved from the depths of my soul memory. Having been utilized in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, this modality comes through now as a tool for our spiritual evolution.


The Ankh
Is Not Just A Symbol

The ankh, as it is known throughout time, is a symbol of life and fertility. But beyond the commonly known associations, the ankh represents something more. The ankh represents the state of illumination one reaches when they have achieved a harmonious relationship with the divine feminine and divine masculine within. It is a representation of that which we are as an enlightened human, beyond that which we take on as our personal restrictions from the mind or ego.


The Ankh Creates a Clear Path

Working with the ankh presents us the opportunity to create a clear pathway for the energies of our lightest manifestation to flow through us. The ankh facilitates a clear circuit of energy so we may express our highest truth. In using the ankh’s power we create  space for us to reside in our ability to trust in our highest will and flow through our lives with alignment.


Through the Ankh, You Remember...

Within the blueprint of your soul, lay memories which are dormant but are waiting to be retrieved. Whether it be your past lives in civilizations long gone or your cosmic patterning, the balancing and purifying power of the ankh will help you to remember who you have always been. 

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