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Art-Channeled Messages

Here you will find messages channeled through my paintings

Creators painting.jpg


An artistic interpretation of a dream I had a few years ago where I connected to Pleiadian beings. Here are some messages brought through the painting

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The Hathor Transmissions

Ancient star beings that manifested as the Goddess Hathor in Ancient Egypt. Not only do they assist us in tapping into our purest joy, they are energy experts and can help us understand how to work with energy for our highest benefit.

Channeled messages coming soon... 

Hathor Transmissions edited.jpg
Sirian being painting 11-2-21.jpg

Sirian Hybrid 

This being came to me before bedtime, displaying three fingers. Who knows exactly what that meant. But I look forward to future communication.

Channeled messages coming soon...

The Starlights of Orion

These beings came to me while in a channeling space. They sparkled like diamonds and emitted an intense energy that felt similar to radiation. These were some of the most powerful beings I've ever encountered

Channeled messages coming soon...

Starlights of Orion Original.jpg
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