Crystal Grid Healing

Crystal grids are a powerful way to manifest desires and promote healing. Using the fabric of the Universe as a template for crystal placement, and energy work as a means to amplify the grid, crystal grids work quickly and efficiently. See the options below and choose the best grid suited for your needs:

"Portal to Faery" Grid: If you desire a stronger connection to the faeries and faery realm, this grid can enhance that connection to improve Earth connection and physical manifestation.

Pleiadian Connection Grid: This grid can assist in fostering a stronger connection to the energy of the Pleiades and Pleiadian beings for soul healing and star family connection. Great for Pleiaidian starseeds!

Abundance Grid: This grid will work to increase your physical wealth and abundance 

Mother Mary Comfort Grid: If you feel a connection to Mother Mary, this grid can help you become more sensitive to her energy 

Andromeda Connection Grid: Great for Andromedan starseeds! Increases your connection to the Andromeda Galaxy and Andromedan beings. Also great for increasing feelings of Divine love.

Love Enhancement Grid: Great for increasing love of all kinds

Third Eye Expansion Grid: Increases clairvoyance and intuition.

Sirius and Lemuria Grid: Great for Sirian starseeds but also for those who feel a strong connection

to Lemuria. Enhances your connection to both.

Angel Connection Grid: Invites angelic connection and activity. Makes you more receptive to angelic communication.

Deep Heart Healing Grid: Heals the heart of deep trauma and helps to remove blockages.


Please specify which grid you'd like at checkout

Once your order is received, I'll contact you in 24 -48 hours to confirm your order as well as gather any special requests you'd like included in the grid. Grids are set up and energized for 15 minutes then left in place for 3 days.