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The Starseed's Guide to Awakening free ebook

Starseeds are bright, wise, deep, intuitive and groundbreaking individuals whose souls originate from distant stars, galaxies and planets. Their mission is to dismantle the outdated systems and paradigms that are keeping the world from embracing their true Divine essence. By simply existing, they are throwing a wrench in the matrix so that we may all be aware of who we truly are and ascend into our highest potential. To find out more about these special souls, download the free ebook.

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Navigating Your Psychic Self Ebook

In this in depth e-book, we venture into the world of intuition and psychic abilities to discover how your intuition works and ways to become a clear vessel for your inner voice. This e-book serves as the perfect companion for the beginning of your psychic journey and will take you into the depths of your being to understand the foundation of your innate intuitive expression. This book will answer many of the commonly asked questions regarding intuitive development such as:

-"What is intuition?" 

-"How does intuition manifest?"

-"How do I strengthen my psychic abilities?"

-"How do I 'hear' my intuition clearly and gain insight?"

- "What may be blocking my intuition?"

...And much more!

If you are ready to start seeing the truth, this content will give you the tools you need to get started. Great for lightworkers, starseeds, indigo children, crystal children and rainbow children as well as all highly sensitive individuals

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