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If something feels off or has been unbalanced in your life for a while, this session is for you. Everything begins and ends with you. Your energy, your thoughts, your beliefs, your focus and your emotions are reflected in the world around you. This session will help you gain insight into any issues you may be having and help bring light into those areas for healing. 

The goal is to work with Spirit and your spirit team to create a healing experience for you. Once you agree to a healing session with me, you  make an agreement with Spirit to be receptive to the healing energies that will move through you, as I am merely supporting the energies being anchored in by the Divine. I work with the energies of Divine Creator Mother Goddess and Father God as well as archangels, ascended masters, galactic guides, fairies, and any other beings that are supporting you on your path.


As we come together for the session, I open myself up to be a full channel for divine healing energy. From there, I tune into your entire energetic framework and under the guidance of Spirit, begin sending healing energy immediately to any areas that require special attention.  Afterwards I give you a detailed report of what I received as well as soul work assignments that you do in your own time, at your own pace to support your healing process even after the session is complete. Sessions last approximately 1 hour.

Many people report experiencing:

-A deep sense of peace


-Awakening or realizations

-Influx of downloads of information


-A feeling of comfort and support

Sessions are conducted through Zoom. Once receipt of payment is received, I will send an email with details for scheduling. 


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