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Full Spectrum Healing is a complete healing program designed for those who are looking for an impactful complement to their ascension process. This program tunes into multiple soul facets through multiple Divine healing streams. As a being whose soul experience is vast and beyond Earth years, Saiedah works with Source energy and a team of galactic guardians, angels, healers and wise teachers to trigger metamorphosis, spiritual growth and realignment back to the most original expression of one’s existence. Saiedah utilizes a healing system that channels the energy of the cosmos through interdimensional portals into this space-time reality. The energy of the Universe is grounded into this plane in a way so palpable that it shifts the energy and focus of the client resulting in a complete transformation from the inside out. 

This program is perfect for those who want to invest in their spiritual journey and healing process. It is great for those who are ready to see the vastness of who they are so they can utilize the innate gifts that are pertinent to their soul mission. Are you ready to see yourself and life through a new lens? Are you ready to live in a place of healthy power?

*Pre-requisite: Attunement to Reiki or another healing modality. 

Each program consists of the following:

Session 1:

  • Opening and/or balancing chakra points and facilitating clear pathways for the energies moving between each energy center. Each chakra is an access point to unique but interconnected aspects of yourself.  In this portion of the program, the energetic background to physical issues may also be revealed. 

  • Drawing down Divine light into the client’s cells to raise their frequency level. This will also invite the energy of each person’s individual spirit team, which can consist of angels, star beings, light sources, ascended masters, spirit animals and ancestors to bring through any messages or healing energies needed. 

Session 2:

  • Opening the gateways of the Akasha to gain entry into past life memories and the gifts they hold. We shall be working on clearing any blocks to accessing these gifts should it be in Divine timing. There will be special attention placed on healing present issues and their connections to past timelines so as to create peace through the past, present and future. If the client’s soul is ready, this can help release old beliefs, integrate soul lessons and invite more "higher mind" perspectives to guide their life. 

  • Tuning into the many facets of a client’s soul as they are expressed throughout various dimensions. Working with each one to see how each facet is serving the client’s path now, how they can utilize it and what they can learn from it. 

Session 3:

  • Final cleanup process, pulling everything together with recommendations for moving forward

  • Insight on how a client can best work with their own energies as well as advice for the client's ascension process.

This outline is to give you an idea of what to expect in each session but it is not set in stone. Spirit guides each session so each one is subject to change. Please keep in mind that these sessions are here to help you, to open doors to healing but they are not a quick fix solution to your problems. All those who desire to truly grow spiritually are required to walk their own personal path and dedicate themselves to their own healing by doing the work necessary. All sessions are tailored for each client's needs. Each client will be given recommendations from Spirit related to the work they must put in for their growth. 

This program is split up into 3 sessions, all lasting one hour each and conducted on a weekly basis or however long the client needs to adjust. All sessions are conducted through Zoom. Once confirmation of payment is received, you will be sent an email to schedule the session. For in person sessions, please contact me for further details.

*Pre-requisite: Attunement to Reiki or another healing modality. Because of the nature of these sessions, all clients must be attuned to Reiki or another healing modality to gain the full benefits of this program. 


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This program is still being updated. Check back periodically for any changes.

*Must be 18 and over. Sessions do not take the place of advice from a licensed medical professional

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