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In this segment of the Gateways to Eternity series, we will be astral traveling through the merkaba to gain access to those portions of ourselves which reside beyond this space time reality. The merkaba, as you may already know, serves as a light vehicle which permits travel through the doorways of higher dimensional realities. It is through these higher dimensional realities that we encounter and merge with the version of ourselves that hold the keys to ascension. 

The merkaba gateway will open energy centers within your being which resonate with these more expanded versions of you, allowing for a more embodied expression of your Divine nature in the moment. This session can be quite potent, starting off with a beautiful, light energy that after permeating more deeply, creates enormous shifts within the energy bodies. The changes garnered from passing through the merkaba gateway can take time to process, so it is highly recommended that all who go through this session really take care to manage their time and energy accordingly. 



This series is meant to be done in order, so completion of the full Ankh Soul Activation is recommended before proceeding to this level. If you have indeed completed the first gateway, you must reach out to me personally so we can discuss your current state and see if you're a good match for this gateway at this current time.

As it stands right now, this gateway will be done in two parts.

  • The first part consists of the merkaba activation and the assimilation of the first portion of light needed for the soul's expansion. This light supports the process of ascension through accelerating the vibratory rate of the cells and allowing for the influx of cosmic energies. 

  • The second part of the session, which is usually scheduled up to one week later depending on your needs, consists of moving into the third eye and travelling through the Andromeda Galaxy to retrieve energetic codes, programs and information which serve your highest embodiment in the moment. The time and space from where the energy is received will depend on the person but either way the intention is to absorb codes which allow for the realization of one's true nature as a spiritual and free human being. Many people notice activations of the heart and higher heart take place as a result of this session. 

As mentioned previously, this gateway contains strong frequencies and is not to be taken lightly. You must be willing to face and embrace whatever shows up as a necessary change for your spiritual development. Depending on each person's timeline of development, this gateway has the capability to facilitate great change on a physical and spiritual level.


 Current investment =


This is a special introductory price which will be available for a limited time

If you have completed the first gateway and would like to express interest in this gateway, drop me a line.

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