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The Sphinx serves many purposes including being a guardian of the sacred vortices at the Giza plateau as well as a portal into the records contained within the Halls of Amenti. The Halls of Amenti contain information stored in the form of energy from civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria as well as information coded within our own souls related to our lifetimes within and beyond this planetary system. The Sphinx, although created from stone, is a spiritually active and conscious entity. The construction of the Sphinx speaks to humankind's desire to mark time and conserve our history. 


In this portion of the Gateways to Eternity series, we will be journeying to the Sphinx with the intention of fostering a clear connection to our soul’s experience on Earth and beyond. Where have you been? What stellar wisdom is contained within your soul’s memory? What is awaiting to emerge from within you once again? It is here that we discover the answers. For in this time on our planet, we must remember who and what we are. (3).png

To gain access to this gateway, you must have completed the first and second gateways. Once you have done so, please reach out to me to schedule your journey.

Introductory price= $150

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