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Gateways to Eternity

The intention of this page is to give a description of this healing system so you have a greater understanding of how it works before proceeding forward. The Gateways of Eternity series is my own healing system co-created with the energy of Source as well as the Arcturian light engineers and other members of my light team. This system pulls upon Egyptian symbology as well as cosmic, galactic energy signatures to create gateways to your inner realms. The intention of working with this system is to create a greater capacity for healing and spiritual evolution to support the process of self realization. In these pivotal times in our Earth's evolution, we are being called to step into the forefront of our own destiny. It is becoming even more important for us to release our past so we may be free to experience the fullness of life as our Divine human selves. The Gateways to Eternity is meant to serve as a bridge for this next evolutionary step. 


Who Is This Healing System For?

I am reluctant to place any restrictions on this healing system, especially when it comes to who can sign up and receive its benefits. What I will say is this system may resonate with certain people more than others. People who may feel a strong pull to enter the Gateways include

  • Those who feel called to explore their galactic lineage

  • People who feel a strong attraction to ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria

  • People who feel a sense of conviction about their spiritual path and know this is a prominent facet of their life purpose

  • Those who have a pure desire to heal and move beyond restrictions so they can be a clear vessel and help humanity

  • Healers, changemakers, forward thinkers, leaders and those on a journey of self mastery


How Does This System Work?

This is an ever expanding healing system that will surely grow as time passes. As it stands right now, there are 3 gateways currently open for entry.


  • The first is the Ankh Gateway. This gateway has 3 chambers or levels which all create a different healing experience. The idea is the more chambers you enter, the deeper the healing goes. The deeper the healing goes, the clearer your energetic circuits become, the more information is revealed to you and the more light you can hold. It is recommended for people to enter all 3 chambers of the first gateway before proceeding to the second gateway titled the Merkaba Activation, HOWEVER, this is not necessarily a requirement. I do however, require that people reach out to me personally before proceeding to the second gateway so we can check in on their overall state and see if it's a good time for receiving the energy. As mentioned previously, this may change in the future as the system evolves.

  • The second gateway is the Merkaba Gateway. This takes all the energy you've acquired through the first gateway and uses it to catapult you through doorways of higher dimensional experience. This gateway is where we have the probability of attuning to the stellar gateway, receiving codes of ascension and potentially receiving information from a future version of ourselves through the Andromeda Galaxy. This future version of ourselves holds the key to living life as a realized, expanded and extradimensionally connected human. As this version of ourselves, we have more compassion for ourselves and others. We can also cultivate stronger connections to our star ancestors and create relationships that serve the whole. We open ourselves to the opportunity of living life from a place of ease, grace and higher perspective. Though this is termed "future self" it is truly in the realm of possibility NOW. Overall, the second gateway allows you to explore the realms of your highest spiritual and human potential in the moment. 

  • The third gateway is the Sphinx Gateway, which serves as a medium for deepening your awareness of your soul's experience on Earth and beyond. Although the Sphinx is an entity that takes on a physical manifestation through stone, it is a conscious entity whose energetic signature helps us connect more deeply to our own soul's records and retrieve what is awaiting to emerge from within us.


What Are the Effects of this System?

Any healing system is sure to cause some uncomfortable side effects along with positive effects as part of the healing process. This healing system has a powerful healing, purifying and expanding potential when used accordingly. While it can feel amazing when the energies are first coming in, as the energies begin to settle into the cells and create changes, this may be felt within the physical, mental and emotional layers. I also want to mention that this modality is kundalini powered which means that it calls upon this energy within the being to activate and flow more smoothly throughout the body, resulting in possible long term changes. But of course, this will depend greatly on the person so no guarantees can be made. Some effects that may be experienced include:

  • Feelings of euphoria, upliftment or being energized

  • Mental clarity and alignment

  • Empowerment and confidence

  • Increase in vivid dreams and/or revealing visions 

  • Stronger sense of connection to unique purpose or spiritual role

  • Revelations of past life memories/connections

  • Increased connection to unique galactic lineage

  • Increased feelings of love and compassion

  • More frequent communication with star family members

Some potentially uncomfortable side effects may include:

  • Digestive issues

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed

  • The shadow self becoming more apparent

  • Old issues resurfacing

  • Intensified emotions, emotional ups and downs

  • Emotional/healing dreams

  • Chest thudding

  • A call to make diet changes

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it gives a general idea of what may occur in any of the Gateways. The amount of healing and work done prior to entering these Gateways will make a difference in what effects you experience.  Therefore, it is vital that people take extra care of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while engaging in these interdimensional travels. 

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