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Golden goddess initiations

Welcome to your initiation into feminine divinity. The Golden Goddess Initiations is a process designed to reawaken your Goddess essence and create a bridge for the expression of your innate, Divine gifts. We all have a sacred angelic component that is our deepest and most fundamental blueprint. This blueprint which has been a part of us since our creation has been dormant for thousands of years after a series of cataclysms from the fall of Atlantis that forced aspects of our spiritual DNA into a state of slumber, hindering our spiritual evolution and stifling the expansion of our consciousness. But now, the time for change has come.


The Goddess has sent out a call to all initiates. This is a pivotal period of evolution on our planet, so it's paramount that people transcend the limits of mundane understanding and remember who they are. The process of remembrance is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give the planet. To remember who you are, to reconnect to the essence of love through the Goddess, to embrace your Divinity is a great act of service, as it uplifts the vibration of all creatures on all faces of the Earth. To awaken is of the greatest importance.

In this course, I will be guiding you through a process of initiation. It is assumed that if you are drawn to taking this initiatory course, that you are already in the Order of the Rose. This Order had its beginnings in Atlantis through the Pleiadian star system with the intention of maintaining purity on the planet. Over time, prominent feminine figures have served as embodiments of this Divine feminine energy at pivotal points in our planet's history to preserve the feminine mysteries and maintain the presence of the Goddess on Earth. 


To complete this initiatory process would mean that you have received  a series of attunements, activations, and techniques to open the floodgates of Divine feminine energy into your being. From there, the process of removing blocks to spiritual evolution has begun and you journey to become a clearer channel for the Goddess. This will help you tap into your own inner mysteries and therefore usher you into the process of spiritual embodiment. The schedule is as follows:

  • Initiation 1: Introduction. Meditation and Initiation to The Energy of Isis. DNA Activation. Receiving this attunement to Isis's energy, one of the Golden Goddesses, will trigger the process of realignment to your angelic self, your original magickal, cosmic template which became dormant after the fall of Atlantis. If pertinent to your journey, codes and memories from Atlantis will be activated.

  • Initiation 2: Goddess Sekhmet Transmutation for Enlightenment  Connecting to this more intense aspect of the Mother, we'll work with this energy to promote healing and clearing of the lower bodies to support the journey towards enlightenment.

  • Initiation 3: Goddess Hathor Higher Love Attunement and Stargate Activation. As a cosmic goddess, Hathor supports us on our journey to higher love through joy, self love and creative expression. Goddess Hathor will assist us in connecting to ourselves as energetic, multidimensional beings through alignment with certain portals and/or stargates.

  • Initiation 4: Energy Alignment through Sound + Building the Golden Goddess Light Body. Through the use of specific techniques involving sound, we'll energize the body's glands and fluids to bring the energy bodies into alignment for kundalini flow. I will also go through the importance of building the Golden Goddess Light Body and ways to go about doing so. Includes BONUS Surprise Attunement. Attunement chosen will depend on the group of people who sign up for the course.  

As part of this course, you will also be given access to the Golden Goddess Collective Facebook group for regular discussions


This course is not for the curious. It is not for those who do not want to do work on themselves. Furthermore, this course is not for beginners. This course is for those who are dedicated to or at least feel called to the path of higher service and have a desire to elevate themselves further. The Golden Goddesses who are the foundational energies of this course will serve not only as your partners in the path to feminine empowerment, but also as your guides along the journey of enlightenment. This path can be extremely demanding and will require faith as well as your dedication and commitment. If you only take this course out of curiosity or for the heck of it, it will be to your own detriment. 

Keep in mind that this course is here to help you on your journey of spiritual embodiment. I cannot control the speed of healing and transformation of those who go through this process, as this is totally individual and dependent on your personal journey. 

Finally, this course is only the beginning. There are more initiations and trainings to come. 


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Once you sign up, your confirmation will be the receipt for your payment. You will receive an email within 24 hours of the start of class containing the Zoom link as well as any instructions. Class will be held LIVE on Zoom and will meet every Wednesday at 5pm EST. Each class lasts approximately 1.5 hours or longer. Class will be recorded and sent out to attendees via email. It is not necessary to attend live but it is encouraged. Each week, a new initiatory activation and set of codes will be transmitted. Attendees will be given a week to process each one. Throughout each week, attendees will be given spiritual practices, exercises and meditations to do in order to strengthen their personal connection with each Goddess. Keep in mind however, that processing time of the initiatory codes and activations is highly individual. More details will be given at the start of class. 

**Class registration closes 24 hours before the start of class. If registered for a payment plan, installments must be paid on time. Late payments or lack of payment without proper communication will result in expulsion from the course. 


Wednesday 11/9/22 5-6:30pm EST

Wednesday 11/16/22 5-6:30pm EST

Wednesday 11/23/22 5-6:30pm EST

Wednesday 11/30/22 5-6:30pm EST

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