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Are you a beginner that wants to take their intuition to the next level? If so, this program is for you!

Throughout my years of experience as an Intuitive Counselor, I’ve been asked on many occasions “How do tap into my intuition?” If you feel like you’ve asked yourself or someone else this question, then it is my pleasure to offer you my Intuitive Mentorship Program. This program will give you the foundation you need to start working with YOUR intuitive gifts and start understanding what that still, small voice has been trying to tell you.

In this program you'll learn:

-How to work with your personal intuitive gifts

-How to become a clear vessel for intuitive insight

-How to keep your intuition strong through life

Week 1- Basics of Intuition:

-What is Intuition? How does it work?
-The many ways in which intuitive insights are transmitted
-Your strongest intuitive gift. Identifying your weaknesses and tendencies. Know what may be blocking you.
- Getting clear on beliefs surrounding intuition
-Self care: The foundation of intuition. Diet, exercise and meditation
-Energy work for alignment to higher self

Week 2- Clairsentience:

-Self awareness exercise

-Clearing blockages to clairsentience

-Heart clearing meditation

-Balancing the emotions for strong clairsentience (finding your center)

-Affirmations for increasing clairsentience

Week 3-Claircognizance:

-Clarifying beliefs about the Divine and building trust

-Journaling exercises for increased claircognizance

-Balancing the heart and mind. Knowing when either speaks

-Solar plexus and crown alignment meditation

-Affirmations for increasing claircognizance

Week 4- Clairvoyance:

-Decreasing stress, worry and anxiety for strong clairvoyance

- Visualization exercises

-Utilizing Crystals for clairvoyance: Special crystal meditation

-Clairvoyance meditation

-Affirmations for increasing clairvoyance

Week 5- Clairaudience:

-Auditory exercises to increase clairaudience (tuning into the subtle energies around you, nature walk)

-Raising your vibration- Fine tuning your energies to receive messages clairaudiently

-Throat chakra exercise

-Clairaudience meditation

-Affirmations to increase clairaudience

Week 6- Wrap up

-Being a lifelong intuitive

-Dealing with life transitions. How they affect intuition

-Co- creating as your abilities sharpen

Because this program is done one on one, it may vary based on your specific needs and goals. No matter what your needs are, you'll receive:

-Navigating Your Psychic Self Ebook

-Meditations to increase clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience

-Meditation to connect to your spiritual guides

This 6 week program will require an investment of $600

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