Light Language Sessions

Light language, although not a true language, is a healing vibration that is transmitted through the human consciousness as a series of tones, codes and sacred geometrical frequencies. Light language is the full expression of the Divine Creator's unconditional love and through it's transmission, can trigger and awaken the Divine spark within every living being on Earth.

Light Language DNA Activation

Who you are transcends the limits of time and space. It is beyond form, beyond measure, beyond logical reasoning. Through this DNA activation, your cellular memory will be re-coded and redirected towards revealing your purest, most natural state of being. This light language session will help to remove the blockages that are causing separation between you and your higher self by infusing each cell with light codes, sacred geometry and Divine essence to clear away what is no longer serving you.


Divine Love Connection with Mother Mary

In this session, I will be guiding you through a meditation to help you connect to the energy of Divine love with the assistance of Mother Mary. Throughout the meditation, I will be speaking light language to code and restructure your vibration to help you be more receptive to Divine love.


Sirian Ascension Temple

In this session, I will be guiding you through a meditation which will bring you to the Sirian Ascension temple for healing and transformation and as a result raise your vibration. Throughout the meditation, I will be speaking light language to magnify the healing process.


Hathor Goddess Connection

In this special session, I will be guiding you through a meditation which will initiate a connection between you and the Goddess Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of love, sensuality and the arts. This meditation is special as we will travel through a stargate to open the connection. I will be speaking light language throughout the meditation to assist with fostering self love, acceptance and honoring the Goddess self.


Reclaim your power with Goddess Sekhmet

In this session, we will be working with Goddess Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of power, healing and strength. I will guide you through a meditation in which we will travel into the dark chamber of Sekhmet to heal past pains and reclaim your power. I will be speaking Light Language throughout the meditation to initiate and magnify the healing process.


***All distant sessions will be conducted via phone or Zoom. I will email you within 24-48 hours to schedule the session and give further instructions***

Prefer an in person session? Prices start at $115. Email for details

For in person sessions:  We will discuss a date and time for the session via email or phone. As of now, all sessions will be conducted at CRS in Manhattan on Tuesdays. The sessions will last 30 minutes unless a different request is made by the client. After the session is complete, I discuss the impressions I picked up during the session along with any other impressions I sense at the moment. Recommendations for further healing as well as other insights will be given. This intuitive report will last for approximately 1 half hour. If an appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours after booking, this will incur a $25 cancellation fee.