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Live Mediumship Reading

Hello there,


First, I’d like to take this time to send you my love and support during this time of loss. I understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved can cause a lot of pain, grief and a sense of emptiness. Please know that it is ok to process your emotions in your own time, since people will process loss differently. What is important for you to remember however, is that life does not end here..and regardless of how alone you may feel, you are never truly alone. Your loved ones, Angels and Spiritual Guides are always with you and holding your hand as you walk along your life’s journey.



I’d love to be able to assist you during this time by helping you to see that your loved ones are still with you via messages they give me for you. However, there is also no reason to believe that YOU cannot hear your loved ones after they pass. They can hear you and you can hear them just the same. All it requires is an open heart, an open mind and a pinch of trust in yourself. I can also teach you how to recognize the signs of a loved one’s presence and embrace their presence even though they have left the physical shell.



Archangel Azrael, the Angel of the Deceased and the Grieving says, “There is no death dearest ones. Though it may seem that your loved ones have left you, they remain with you, close still. They are still very much alive though you cannot see them through your physical vision. They await your return home and will be with you until you make this transition yourself. much love I send to you”


Please see the listing below to set up an appointment when you’d like to hear from your loved ones.


Love and Blessings,




This listing is for a Live Mediumship Reading which will be conducted via Skype, Facebook Chat or Phone. The readings tend to last an hour. I will be using my clairsense abilities (Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairsentience) to gather messages from the departed for you.  


Within 24-36 hours of your purchase, I'll send you a message to schedule the reading. Not only is the scheduling happening with you and I but with the spirit also. They are a part of the scheduling process :) Let me know at checkout what method you'd like to use (Facebook, Skype, etc) 


Please keep in mind that it is best to wait at least 6 months after your loss before contacting a departed loved one. This allows time for healing. Please understand that  I cannot control who comes through during the reading. Whoever comes through has a message needed for your growth and healing. While it may not be the person you were expecting, there are no accidents in the world of spirit. Stay open to whoever steps forward and what they want to tell you.


The current wait time for readings is 1-2 weeks.










***You must be 18 yrs or older to purchase. By law, I'm required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only

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