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Earth Angel Counseling Sessions


What is an Earth Angel Counseling Session?


 Earth Angel Counseling Sessions are a life coaching program designed for individuals who seek to cultivate their spiritual growth and development. Each set of sessions are tailored to the individual and their specific needs and goals. The first session is typically introductory. It allows us to be able to explore certain issues the client maybe facing that need addressing. The next 4 sessions are geared towards nurturing and healing to meet the client's goals. Each session will end with a homework assignment that must be completed by the time the next session is scheduled. All assignments lay the foundation needed for deeper insight and healing. My goal in these sessions is to bring insight and support you through your transitions, all while honoring your natural process of healing. Sometimes soul level healing may be needed. The minimum amount of sessions that can be purchased is 4 but for those that need extended help, more can be purchased. Email me for details.


How long do the sessions last?


The sessions  last for 45 minutes. 



Through what medium are the sessions conducted?


The sessions can be conducted via skype, phone, chat/messenger or text


Do you have any specialties?


Because of my experiences working with star beings, angels and ascended masters as guides during the process of ascension, I specialize in helping those who feel awkward or out of place in the real world such as starseeds, earth angels, highly sensitive people and those who feel called to do good things in the world. I often feel called to help those understand their purpose as well as those who wish to move past limiting beliefs so they can emerge into their full potential.



Is there anything you don’t do?


I give recommendations based on the guidance I receive from Spirit as well as based upon my own experience working with clients but I do not force anything upon anyone. It is important that the client invests time and energy into their own growth as that is something I cannot do for them. 




1 consultation
4 sessions
45 minutes each
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