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New Year Special

2021 Forecast

Back once again by popular demand, this 2021 New Year Special is being offered to provide guidance and support for the upcoming year. 2020 brought many unforeseen changes but realigned us to our truth and what we truly desire from life. The forecast for 2021 will focus on your personal themes and will expand upon how to best utilize the energy for the year ahead. 

Vibrational Theme

What vibration will be the theme for this coming year? I will be tuning into the vibration of the numbers or colors that will be significant for the year 2021 as well as what these numbers/colors mean and how to work with them.

Help from heaven

Among all of the angels, ascended masters, goddesses and beings in the light, who will be working with you in 2021? I will share my impressions of the being/beings that will be helping you to accomplish the goals associated with the vibrational theme for the coming year. 

Crystal companions

What crystals will best support your growth for the year ahead? As a crystal consultant, I will be working with the vibrational theme for the year to see which crystals will best work to raise your vibration and bring you into alignment for the year 2021.

Along with the insights listed above, you will also receive any other intuitive insights that are pertinent to your current situation.This may include information related to the many aspects of your life including life purpose, career and love. 

12 Card Spread

Once your vibrational theme, heavenly helpers and crystalline companions are revealed, I will pull 12 oracle cards, one per month, that will give you a detailed look at the focus for each month of 2021 and what lessons need to be integrated. 


Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation email and an estimated date of receiving your order. These sessions will be sent via email as a PDF document however, phone and Zoom sessions are also available upon request for an additional fee.


The New Year Special 2021 Forecast is valued at $230 but I will be offering this at a discounted price of $175. These will only be available until the end of December. 


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