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A Message for 2023-Allow the Heart to Lead

Hello friends. I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog, but I've been grappling with some immense changes since...well...the past year! lol The first 2 weeks of the new year brought it's own set of changes that I'm still adjusting to. But if you're following me on my Instagram and Facebook pages, you know I do my best to stay engaged with you all regularly.

Today, I want to share with you an inspired writing that I brought through around November of last year. The writing is a set of insights for the year 2023. The plan was to submit this to a spiritual journal, as they have published one of my channeled writings before, but of course, they did not accept it. It's a bit of a bummer but I understand why. As I have traveled along this journey and evolved, I have reached a point where "information" is not as important to me right now. "Knowing" is not as important to me. So unless I specifically receive predictive insights for a certain time, I'm not going to be reaching into the ether to pull anything out because, I simply don't care lol. However, the current space of many modern spiritual circles is the exact opposite. They are very information based and want to know exactly what is going to happen and what must be done to prepare ahead of time. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with this but it is my belief that we may be required to rely less on predictions and tune into our hearts more to guide us and receive the insight that's needed, when it's needed. And many times we may not receive information. We will need to have faith and trust that whatever we have experienced, learned and integrated throughout our lives will give us the wisdom to navigate through these times with grace. And of course we must remember, we are never alone.

So without further adieu, here's what I wrote for the spiritual journal. I'll leave you to it. Much love my friends.

Allow the Heart to Lead by Saiedah Rose and the Pleiadian Collective

Perhaps at this time in your Earth Collective you are wondering what is the best way to navigate through these erratic times. It can seem overwhelming to know what to do and so you desire to know what is coming at all times so you may be prepared. But we tell you that this is precisely what we want to share with you as a means of assistance. Preparation is not so much what you know on a mental level, but what you feel in your heart. Your heart carries within it the wisdom of all times and bears the wisdom integrated from your experiences. It is this energy which you should look to in order to lead you into the future. For in the times ahead, we ask that you not succumb to the illusions of the mind which lead you into thinking that you must always know in order to be ready for what is to come. For how can you truly know what is to come when the nature of reality is ever changing and shifting with the flow of energies which are always moving through it. What you may do to assist you in this time is to remain focused in the presentness of your beingness. All that you are is simply all that you need. There is nothing else. And if there is any other insight that needs to be shared, it is your own heart which will share it with you. As it is through the heart’s communication with the Cosmic Heart which guides the Initiate of the heart forward into unknown waters. Be in your own space, cherish your life and cherish all that you are as a being of Divine energy. Be present in the love that you are, the love that emanates from you AS you. This IS you. What else could you possibly need to guide you forward? Understand that you are always guided and directed by your own Divine intelligence. It is not separate from you. It is an integral part of your being as a human of Divine consciousness. What you must learn as humans being, is how to fall into the mystery of life, trusting that the Universe will open its arms to you and catch your fall. As you are one with all that is, how would you allow yourself to truly “fail” at any point? Is this even possible? Trust yourself dear hearts. Trust that you have been given the full spectrum of wisdom and information needed to navigate these times, not as chunks of linear knowledge, but as feelings, sensations, knowings and the wisdom of your own earthly experiences. Trust that all you have gone through up to this point has prepared you for what lies ahead. It is your heart that desires to create a life for yourself that is in direct alignment with love. Will you allow yourself to go there? Will you allow your heart to lead you? This, my friends, is up to you. You have the freedom to choose what you desire to experience and exactly how you want to experience it. If you desire to struggle, then there is no judgment in that choice. For we know and understand that even this experience brings you closer to the realization of what truly is your heart’s deepest desires. Allow yourself to be as you are, without judgment, and the flow of life will express itself through you, bringing to you all that you need for your “survival”, your sustenance, your living and your joyous experience of life. Center yourselves beloveds. Be true to your heart and experience all of your feelings and emotions as sacred, no matter what may or may not be erupting around you. For it is your centeredness in your loving heart that will guide you forward in these times.

With love, We honor you,

Saiedah Rose and the Pleiadian Collective

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