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A Message for Humanity

As we continue through these pivotal times of spiritual evolution on this planet, it is of great importance that we direct our awareness to that which will have increased significance in the times to come. It is clear to see that we have been experiencing some immense changes on the planet as a result of the pandemic. We have been given an abundance of time to contemplate our own existence, our place in the world and that which we have set as our main priorities in life. In the past, work, survival and the maintenance of structure seemed to reside in the forefront of people’s awareness. But now that we’ve had the opportunity to retreat from the world of survival and reconnect to our main sources of fulfillment, that which was in the forefront previously, has moved further into the background.

This progression and reordering of priorities will continue to increase going forward. People will be further pulled into their hearts to rediscover the true meaning of fulfillment. “What is truly needed for my highest good? What is it that I truly want out of life? Who am I and what truly defines ‘me’?” These will be some of the questions people will be asking themselves in the near and distant future, if they have not done so already.

This pandemic is not the last event which will take place on the planet. There are more destructive and possibly cataclysmic events which reside in the POSSIBLE future. These events, should they take place, are there to serve as a wake up call to humanity, that we must reassess what is truly important and gain a deeper understanding of our intentions in the now moment. This same wave of events will further influence the financial system and as a result, the work force. So it is imperative that people begin reevaluating, reassessing and preparing to adjust to a different world, one that is no longer based on the past that we have lived in for so long. Residing in the heart space, returning home to yourself will be your best course of “action”, for it will guide you to the right timing, right doings and right beings for the moment. For the moment is all we have and it is the now moment that will shape the near and distant future.

Perhaps you are already feeling the call to release yourself from the structures of the past, the way you have been doing things in regards to work and survival. Give yourself the freedom and permission to release these structures as your heart feels guided to. This is a call from the Universe to surrender that which has already done it's time so room can be made for a new foundation. We are no longer in the world we used to live in. We are in transition, creating a world of our own making. What world do you wish to live in?

Much love,


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