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A Message from the Divine Mother

In the aftermath of one of the worst school shootings in our time, I feel somewhat numbed to the pain. Part of the reason for that is because I’m tired of hearing about it. I’ve gone from feeling hurt to being annoyed that after 10 years since Sandy Hook, no legislation has been passed to keep these shootings from happening again.

At the same time, I feel a deep sense of resonance with the Divine Spirit on this issue. It’s like there’s an intuition, a feeling of a call to connect more deeply to receive a message from the Divine. So I will attempt that now. Divine Father, Mother God, what must we know about this issue of gun violence and our people, our children? What messages are here for us now to take with us into the future?

One thing I feel is a deep sense of love, of comfort and solace, particularly coming from the Divine Mother, manifested as Mother Mary. I can feel her blessings upon all of our hearts as we deal with this loss. The following message is inspired by her...

While it is important to honor our grief, to feel our pain and to fully surrender to the heaviness, the burdens in our hearts, we must also not allow this event to create rage and anger within our own hearts. Events such as these show us how important it is for us to gather together, to show compassion for each other and to support one another in the midst of crisis. Because even if we do not have children, we all have been children, know children and connect with children in some way. They are aspects of our own souls that link us directly to the purity and the love of the Divine. And when we lose children in this way, it is like a portion of our own innocence has been taken from us as a collective. You are here now, to build a brighter future and to pave a new way for the times ahead. Do not allow the current blocks to discourage you, for the future has yet to be written and the pen or pencil is in your hands. You are here to show all the world that love is the ultimate power. Love, understanding and compassion is the only pathway into forging a better way. We must be willing to always cultivate love, for without it is when we experience the greatest loss. It is what has been lacking in our world for centuries. The lack of love is why we find ourselves disconnected as beings of God and children of life itself. Come together beautiful souls and create a new way, We are here with you as you do so. For this world is yours and yours alone.

From the highest expressions of love, peace and harmony we come to you.

Mother Mary, the Divine Mother

Please stay tuned for any other messages that may want to come through in the

near future as this was a last minute Divinely inspired writing.

Much love,


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