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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Saiedah. I am a Star Ambassador, Light Technician and Conduit for the New Human Template. I will explain each one of these but don’t get too attached to them...they’re just labels and I might tweak them a bit as things become even more clear. As a Star Ambassador, this means that I represent different groups of star beings within and beyond this galaxy. We work together and they are family to me, so they work through me by way of my multifaceted mission on this planet. As a Light Technician, I specialize in the transmission and assimilation of Divine, cosmic light into the energy field. Me being a clear vessel and Star Ambassador allows me to channel and direct this Divine, cosmic light as needed for each person’s individual needs. This last title of “Conduit for the New Human Template” is one of a more recent discovery but it builds upon my past ascension work, taking it to another level. I collaborate with my Arcturian team of light engineers to open internal gateways through my co-created ancient Egyptian healing modalities to allow for transmission of a new template for humanity. Now, technically when we refer to our cosmic nature, this isn’t necessarily “new” but it is for us here that have a linear perspective of our evolution. This template which contains programs and information is from a future version of ourselves that has exceeded the expectations of the human form. It is a version of ourselves that is true to who we are and our potential that is yet to be fully realized.

Why am I telling you this? To let everyone here know that the old version of me is gone. I am no longer what many considered to be a “psychic”, “reader." And to be honest, I no longer have an interest in being accurate about the potential future. I no longer care about figuring things out or knowing things that make no difference to my life. The things I once cared about regarding divination have dissipated. Can I still peer into other realms and conduct healing work? Yes, I can. But it is not a priority. Whatever I am meant to see will be shown to me, as I have released the desire to “know” for myself and others. I’m not saying that divination is not important but there are plenty of people on Earth who can do this work. My work is in creating a pathway to explore the possibilities of Divine human potential. My work is in lifting the veils of illusion in the mind so people can see the beauty in being human AND Divine. And finally, my work forges a new level of relationship between us and our cosmic family. The ancient and “mythical” civilizations lived in such a way where all of this was the reality. Now, it is time for us to remember it.

The last bit I’ll add is this. Even though I know my work sounds “out of this world”, I am acutely aware of the work that needs to be done on Earth. I am a big proponent of social justice work, activism, etc. While this is not the work I’ve chosen to engage in at this point in my life, I am a humanitarian and will continue to live life in such a way that supports this aspect of myself.

Now that we're reintroduced, please feel free to explore my new, improved website and presence. Things have opened up greatly so there will be more offerings coming. Stay tuned!!

Much love,


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