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An Important Message from Arcturus- Collective Wounds, "All That Glitters Is Not Gold."

My heart broke open and I felt the energy of beings from the Andromeda galaxy emerge. From there, the energy shifted and I sensed energy beings from Arcturus come forward. They came through with the desire to focus on a few collective wounds.

  1. Religious persecution

  2. Envy/Jealousy

  3. Deception

  4. The illusion of being trapped

This is not the first time the Arcturian energy has come forward in this manner, specifically through the Andromeda Galaxy, as the Andromeda galaxy seems to be a gateway into higher planes, higher realms of consciousness as well as parallel future timelines.

1-Religious persecution

The first wound of religious persecution was one they have brought up before, specifically stating, "Many of the fears you have can be traced back to religion." And they mentioned nothing more after that...but this was a few years ago so now they are returning to confront this wound once again. When it comes to this wound of religious persecution, what they wanted to focus on was the impact of such a wound. "For many of you have had lifetimes where you have been persecuted, and thus, it has remained in your subconscious and has been directing and influencing the course of your actions. This wound is especially prominent within the solar plexus, as it is known as the seat of identity. Such a wound can cause many fears and restrictions around authenticity. But we say now that it is time for you to free yourselves from these subconscious patterns and beliefs so you can 'come out of the closet' and truly have the freedom you desire, expressing yourself as a Divine being of love. (Quan Yin enters) It is safe now for you to be free, to release your past, to release your self judgements and to be as you are. For you are beautiful, luminous and Divine." The entrance of Quan Yin is significant. Not only because she is one of the masters in the realms of Arcturus, but also because she is excellent at helping people move beyond their karmic baggage so they may make different choices in this lifetime that are in alignment with their heart's compass. Quan Yin is a feminine energy who can assist us on the path of liberation. Feel her presence in this transmission. One thing I want to mention before moving on, is I do not feel guided to give a step by step process towards healing these issues. I feel the acknowledgement that these issues exist is enough for this transmission. From there, you will be guided on how to heal for your unique circumstance.


The second wound of envy, bears this message for healing. This one is short because it is segues into the next wound. "The belief that there is not enough for everyone plants seeds of envy within the hearts of humanity. What you must know is that what is yours exists in abundance and it is not necessary to desire that which is within "another's" grasp. Release the grip and allow yourself to focus on the abundance which is always here for you. There is no limit to abundance in the Universe."


This next wound relates to the previous one. "What we wish to share with you in regards to deception is that many of you have fallen under the illusion of material wealth. Perhaps you have heard the saying 'All that glitters is not gold' and we wish to remind you of this now. Take care in associating abundance with material wealth, for not all who have material wealth are truly abundant. Material wealth has created the illusion of a direct relationship between wealth and happiness. But we say that this is not necessarily true, for not all who obtain large amounts of material wealth are happy, healthy and free. Many are trapped by illusions of their own making, illusions created by their wealth. They accumulate money with the hope that at some point the attainment of material wealth would fill the void that they feel in their hearts. But it is not so. For those of you who find resonance with this message, we ask you to take your time to step back and reevaluate your life, and the abundance within it. What abundance is present in your life that you are actively rejecting? What opportunities have presented themselves to you for growth, development and fulfillment that you have denied because it did not appear the way you thought an opportunity should appear? Are opportunities not abundance? Miracles, no matter how small they appear, are gateways of abundance for you. Joy is abundance. Health is abundance. What is it that you truly value? Love is what is needed. Love is abundance and it is quite literally, all around you in every fiber of creation."

4-The illusion of being trapped

Finally, the wound of the illusion of being trapped. "Here we wish to share the impact of this illusion of being trapped. How many times have you been plagued with worries, fears and anxieties related to the future and what will be? How many times have your fears stopped you from moving forward? It is ok. Your mind can be tricky, as it can fool you into believing that what you 'think' is automatically the reality. And on some level, this is a valid experience, as your fears, if they are allowed to consume you, can indeed close your energy to different pathways and opportunities. But...this is not the only reality. You CAN generate another experience. But first, our question for you is "Where is the feeling of being trapped coming from? Is it the situation itself or your perception of the situation? Specifically we are referring to situations where you limit yourself through your own thoughts or opinions about yourself. How you feel about yourself is the ultimate determinant of how you will perceive the world. So what is the true trap? And how can you remedy this? Remember, that in any and all situations, you may choose how you approach them. You may feel overwhelmed by all that is happening around you and this may cause you to feel out of control. And yes, it is true, you cannot control others or what they do. But, you have been given the gift of choice. You can choose to set yourself free and open up the pathway of freedom by choosing to let go of your self imposed limits. From there, you will be shown the way, whatever must be done for you to create this experience for yourself."

So, this is what wanted to come through today. It was supposed to be quick but it ended up being longer than expected lol. I hope these messages have been helpful for you.

Much love,


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