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Angelic Activations: 3 Types You May Experience

It's been a while since I've posted a blog, but as always, I never post or engage unless I come upon some insight, wisdom or information that I feel compelled to share. So, here we are! Throughout the course of my spiritual journey, I've experienced MANY upgrades and activations. My experiences of the spirit realms have been deep and profound. But today I want to explore the concept of angelic activations, looking into different kinds of angelic activations and the purpose they serve. Keep in mind however that this is not an extensive list. These are the angelic activations I have experienced, and that is all I have the authority to MY experience.

What Is an Angelic Activation?

Angelic activations, as I currently understand them, are an awakening of the various fundamental Divine energies within each person. There are different levels of angelic activations which all serve a unique but interconnected purpose of helping people embody their Divine, co-creative potential.

Why Are These Angelic Activations Occurring?

It is my belief that all beings are connected to the angelic realm. These angelic energies are at the substratum of our nature as human beings. For a long time, we have been in a kind of tug of war between our Divine nature and our mundane nature. These two are not meant to be at war with each other, but are meant to complement one another to create a complete Divine human experience. But for a while, people have been leaning too far into the mundane aspect of life, becoming stuck in a quest for survival and ultimately disconnecting themselves from other sentient beings and all of creation. Angelic activations are a reflection of life pulling us to the other direction, bringing us back into balance so we may remember that we are all human beings with a common Divine, spiritual thread.

How Do Angelic Activations Happen?

As you begin to explore your spirituality, you open your hearts and begin the journey of soul remembrance. As a part of this journey, you will connect deeper to your soul and multifaceted spiritual nature. This multifaceted spiritual nature is how the oneness of the Divine has expressed itself through life as several elements and facets. Here is where you may begin feeling drawn to connect to the Archangels as they are the overseers of life's many elements and facets as expressed through nature and YOU. If you remain open, flexible, and follow your heart's call to connect with the archangels more deeply, you will begin to experience activations through them. The angelic energies are not separate from you...they are one with you. The more you organically connect, the more you'll begin to embody their frequencies as an expression of your own soul.

Types of Angelic Activations

As you read through this short list of angelic activations, keep in mind that although I'm referring to these beings as though they are distinct groups, the reality of the angelic system is not so cut and dry. There can be a lot of grey area and nuance. Also know that I am referring to these angelic groups by their names for ease and convenience, but from my perspective the angelic pathway is just that....a pathway. The angelic pathway is a reflection of the many levels of spiritual evolution and Divine connection that can be attained the more your body, mind and soul are purified. So while there may be "seraphs" as a group of beings, you as a Divine human are tapping into your own existence as an "archangel", "seraph" or "cherub" if you have a strong resonance with this pathway and have made a subconscious choice to follow it. So, see these angelic groups as not only groups of beings but also as levels of Divine connection, soul remembrance and attainment.

Before I get into the kinds of angelic activations people may experience, let me just reiterate that these are based on my personal experience and current understanding of this subject. My understanding may change and expand over time to reflect my current state at that moment. Also remember this is not an extensive list, but it's all I can offer at the moment.

Archangel Activations

These activations are probably some of the first activations people may experience during portions of their awakening. These activations typically involve connections with commonly known archangels such as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc. The purpose of these activations is varied. One purpose is to initiate a connection between the body, soul and spirit. You may experience the archangels helping you to heal certain energy centers as well as the memories, wounds and narratives contained within them. They are also helping you to connect more clearly to the realms of spirit through your various energy centers and express these energies clearly through your physical body on Earth. The archangels are basically bringing you back to wholeness and ultimately, helping you to become a balanced human being with clear access to the spirit realm. If you are meant to be a spiritual leader, they may also be helping to prepare your physical body for the vast number of initiations, trainings and interdimensional journeys you'll be embarking upon throughout your spiritual journey.

Seraphim Activations

From my experience, these activations are geared toward purifying your will. People have their own ideas of what they feel should happen in their lifetime, and many times, these ideas are distorted and tainted by perceptions rooted in past wounding. Of course, we only know what we know, so we force our will onto the flow of life, creating resistance and unnecessary struggle. Seraphim activations work to purify your will by allowing you to rest and trust in the flow of life aka the will of the Divine aka Divine order. By taking several steps back and allowing life to flow through you, you become a clear vessel for Divine order, anchoring the energy of Divine intelligence through your body and into the Earth. In order for this to happen however, you may experience challenges and changes which serve as a catalyst for a shift in perspective. You may be forced to see that the way you've been going about life is no longer working for you, which may then trigger a life review so you can see which areas of your life are out of balance. Seraphim activations offer the ultimate relief for the body and soul because they bring you to a place where you can stop trying to control life, release the struggle and allow life to unfold naturally.

Cherubim Activations

These activations are the purest of them all. I've experienced these activations during several points on my spiritual journey. I believe this to be the case because I feel a strong affinity to the cherubic class of angels. These activations are the closest you'll get to accessing Source coding through the angelic avenue. I know this varies from the established angelic hierarchy, as they place the seraphim as being the closest to the throne of God. From what I have experienced however, I feel this is backwards (daring statement, I know lol). What I'll say about cherubs applies to other angelic groups too, and it's that they vary greatly from our fluffy ideas about angels. I believe cherubs are not in a position of servitude as people would view them from a Christian perspective. Cherubs are angels with creative potential, holding the keys to accessing the Divine codes of creation. It is possible that what was known as the Annunaki were actually cherubs that chose to use their creative potential in a certain way.

When you receive a Cherubim activation, you are reconnecting to the God creative force within your DNA helix. You are ultimately remembering the presence of God within you, remembering the unending bond between the Divine and humanity. When you receive a Cherubim activation, you are also retrieving your personal Divine creation keys, allowing you to transcend the limits of time and space, and therefore influence the energy of your own life. I believe the ankh to be one of these keys that assist in accessing the codes of creation. It is safe to say that your heart must be purified enough to do this, as this energy is powerful, sacred and must be used wisely.

Anytime I receive a Cherubim activation, I am always guided to reflect on the mind of God, which was then directed as the word of God as expressed through what has been called "fire letters." These fire letters are representations of the aforementioned codes of creation, and brought into physical manifestation through what is commonly known as the Hebrew and Sanskrit languages. It is my belief however, that while these languages are vehicles for Divine creation energies, you may not necessarily need the language itself to tap into the fires of creation contained within them. The fire letters are imprinted in the core of your soul. When you receive a Cherubim activation you are tapping into these fire letters, tapping into your original Divine template and therefore, steadily embodying your Divine nature more purely on Earth.

Art by Mayshing

To wrap up this blog, the various levels of angelic activations are bringing you back home to who you are as a Divine human. The type of angelic activation you experience will depend greatly on your soul's path, your personal level of spiritual evolution and your unique calling in this lifetime.

Much love,


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