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Animal Communication: What I've Learned

Since I was a kid, I've always been around animals. My mom was an animal lover so we always had some kind of pet...usually a dog or some kind of rodent. Can I say that I loved animals so much growing up that I wanted to be a vet growing up like my mom did? No. But I think that's purely timing...because over the past 10 years, my love for animals has grown immensely. It was around 2012 when I noticed something shift in my relationship with animals. I had a dog named Cody and we had a really strong connection. I could sense things from him and "hear" him asking me questions. His death came swiftly, within 8 months of owning him, and it devastated me. I'd never felt that amount of pain for the loss of an animal before. From there, my love for animals continued to grow as I healed, evolved and opened my heart further.

Throughout these past few years, I've taken some classes and practiced communicating with animals. Along the way, I've learned some things through my experience and I'd love to share them with you now :

Proceed Gently and Introduce Yourself

I think it's natural that as human beings, we subconsciously feel that we are better than animals. Unless someone is attuned to animals either through training or personal experience, many people can be forceful with animals, more specifically domesticated ones. Many people do not consider whether or not an animal wants to be touched or wants to communicate. Now, I do feel that animals are not necessarily stand offish but I believe that it's a good idea to proceed with a humble, respectful approach when dealing with animals. As opposed to bum rushing an animal with rubs and hugs, these days, I keep my distance and offer a greeting...a way of introducing myself before I fully connect with the animal. If the animal comes up to me and wants to play that's completely different. But I allow the animal to have a say in their dealings with me and I don't force myself on them. Animals are more open than humans but they do not have to deal with us if they don't want to...especially if they don't know us.

Different Animals=Different Personalities

Whether plant, animal or human being, I believe every living thing has a distinct energy signature and personality. The kind of animal you're working with will make up a big portion of that personality and from there, it becomes more individual. For example, when it comes to my guinea pigs, they all naturally have a somewhat skittish personality. Most of the time they don't like being picked up and their main concerns are food and safety. That's their baseline personality and therefore, that is what is going to comprise a bulk of our conversations. Out of four guinea pigs, three are more social, energetic and playful. The last one is more relaxed, laid back and a bit more isolated. The chill one would prefer not to associate with the rowdy ones. Why? No clue. Those are their personalities. Each animal will have a baseline personality which is based on the type of animal they are, as well as the individual personality. All of these factors will affect the kind of communication you will receive. So, you bet, most of what I hear from my guinea pigs is "Food."

Connect to Animals From Your Heart

The more open your heart is, the easier it will be to connect with animals and communicate with them. Don't think about this process. Rather sit with your pet on you if possible and feel your energies merge. When you first sit with them, they will ground you. Then you may feel a sense of alignment. After some time, you may also feel your heart open up which will strengthen your connection with them. This is what supports the merging of your energies. If you're having trouble, you can visualize your heart radiating light and connecting with their radiant heart. Of course, have patience with yourself during this process.

Let Go of Your Animal Communication Expectations

This is something I had to do. I had this strong desire to want to communicate with animals in a clear telepathic fashion. It's still possible that I will reach that goal, but I had to learn to release those expectations. Spiritual communication goes through stages and everyone has their own style. If right now, all you're feeling is an empathic communication, that's ok. Embrace it. Same goes for if you only receive one word in your head from your pet once in a while or feel like your love for animals is growing. Don't feel the need to meet the standards of a professional animal communicator. Your method of connecting is fine and if you're flexible, the connection will continue to grow.

Until this day, my connection with animals is still blossoming. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me, as I have been given the message several times that I will be helping animals in this lifetime. The more I expand into love, the closer I feel to them.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Much love,


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