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As You Change, Your Practice Will Change (Read and Watch)

Remember that you are an evolving, everchanging being. Do not feel that what you start with is what you must end with. Starting with a specific spiritual routine may be necessary in the beginning, but as you grow, heal, dissolve, whatever may happen along your journey, you will feel called to change your practice. When you feel this call, don't resist it. Allow yourself to sink into the conflict that you're feeling. You may say to yourself, "But I've been doing this for so long and it's been helpful. Why change it now?" Because my dear, that is the point of your practice. The point is to blossom out of the need to be rigid, the need to be attached to one particular way, the need to have a practice to connect to your divinity at all. After all, divinity doesn't need a practice to be what it is.

After some time, you will no longer need certain practices, whether it's because you've mastered something, healed something and/or grown out of something...and that is ok. Do not be afraid to try something new, to do something fun, to do something ordinary or do nothing at all. What people pass off as being "unspiritual" may be just what you need. Do not be afraid to do what you feel. Your practice is there to help you fine tune your self connection, to deepen your sense of awareness. Heed that which calls to you from within. If you feel the need to change your practice, go with it, because as you change, your practice will change.

Much love,


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