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Deepening Perception Through Self Connection

Listening to Cosmic Hum

When attempting to feel and experience the energies of that which is outside ourselves, we must remember that the focus on the external is but a small slice of the process of deepening our perception. What many people will notice when trying to sense or communicate with other groups of beings such as fauna, flora or even spiritual beings, they have a hard time at first. It may feel odd and uncomfortable. Part of the reason for this is because there is a lack of experience perceiving the realms of energy. People are primarily focused upon that which they can see, hear, feel and experience physically. Once people start expanding their bubble of perception, there is a feeling of blankness, nothingness. From there, frustration sets in, which is indeed normal, but can also tighten the bubble of perception even more. So what needs to be done in order to move beyond the blank feeling?

  • Understand that expanding the personal bubble of perception is a process. The feeling of nothingness is normal as the realms being tapped into are much finer and require stillness to perceive. It's also normal for your abilities to wax and wane as you increase your perception throughout your lifetime.

  • Engage in meditation. Specifically, meditate with the intention of connecting to yourself. This is paramount, as people have a tendency to think that more external focus deepens the perception of that which is non-human. In reality, the more you connect to yourself, the deeper the realms of perception become. As you connect to yourself, you give yourself permission to access your inner realms, your deepest thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. As a result, you become more in tune with yourself and therefore more sensitive to everything circumambulating your core. Everything you felt before maybe amplified and anything which you had no knowledge of previously within yourself will be revealed. The more you connect to yourself, the easier it becomes to feel the slightest shift in your personal energy. From there, this level of sensitivity and awareness can transfer to the world around you.

  • As you heal, your sense of perception will grow. The more you heal and reclaim your power, the easier it will be to perceive all forms of energy. Part of the reason for this is that healing releases any paradigms or wounds that contribute to the idea of separateness, whether from the Divine, other people or the world around you. Calling fragmented parts of your soul back to your center brings you closer to the Divine I AM within you and as a result, helps you connect to the divinity within all beings. It becomes much easier to feel one with all things when you surrender any attachments to what promotes separation consciousness.

  • Continue to practice connecting, but from your heart. Many psychic level perceptions are mental. They come through as information or impressions that drop into the mind. This is a very useful method of connecting and yet, we can deepen the connection through dropping into the heart space and "feeling" our way through the connection. By connecting with our hearts, we become one with what we're connecting to. It allows for a more harmonious and unified connection.

It's ok to feel silly when you're working on deepening your perception at first. It's also ok to feel as though you're making things up at first. Don't worry, with time and practice, you'll be able to perceive the energy of your environment seamlessly and naturally.

Much love,


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