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Tips for Working with Angels

One of the most common questions I get in my work is "How do I work with the angels?" So today I will be exploring this topic, giving you some general tips and personal tips of mine for working with the angels.

The Answer to the Angel Question

The answer to the "How do I work with angels?" question is simple- Intention. Any and everything you do in your life is based on your intention. If you have a true and pure desire to work with the angels, all you have to do is have the intention in your mind to do so and then carry it out through action. You having the thought in your mind to work with the angels is the first step and the angels are already aware that you have the desire to work with them. However, they will not intervene in your life unless you are open and ask for their assistance. You don't always have to say, "Archangel ____ I need your help" but you do however need to at least send out your intentions through your heart that you are ready and open to work with them. From there, you can carry out your intentions to work with them in any way that resonates with you. You also do not need to have a particular angel in mind to work with, as from what I have witnessed and experienced myself, the angel that is needed the most in your life at any given time is the one that will appear. You may notice certain angels move into the forefront and then take a step back depending on what is occurring in your life and what you need help with.

Things You Must Remember About Angels

Angels Are Omnipresent- As humans living with most of our awareness in the physical realm, we assume that angels are limited in their existence and can only help so many people at a time. Angels are vast beings of consciousness and are not limited to the constraints of the physical realm. They can be present for multiple people at the same time. I remember calling in Archangel Metatron to help me as well as help someone I know heal from serious injuries. I was able to feel Archangel Metatron working on me AND working on this person in another state at the exact same time.

Angels Guide You, However..- It is an angel's job to guide and direct you through your subtle inklings, known as your intuition. They will send you signs and indications on the steps to take to bring you where you need to be. Angels will give you the support you need during all of your life lessons, however it is not an angel's job to live your life for you or to stop lessons which must be learned. Whatever you need to learn in this lifetime, you MUST learn for your growth. There is no way this can be avoided. You can call upon the angels to be a light for you during any difficult periods in your life so you can see things from a higher perspective. However, it is up to you to do the work necessary to get there while they hold your hand through it.

Angels Honor Your Free Will- The angels are here to help when called. But they are not here to force you into doing anything you do not feel you are ready to do. Your life and what you do with it is up to you. Your angels will attempt to keep you on track through the signs they send you but if you follow them is ultimately your choice. If you do choose to ignore their signs, they will not judge you for it. They will honor your free will choices and will still be there for you when you need help getting back on track. Life is hard and can demand a lot from us at times. The angels understand this and do not judge us for we can only do our best.

Angels Love Unconditionally- No matter what happens in your life, no matter how many mistakes you feel you've made, the angels will never leave you or judge you for what you feel are your shortcomings. Angels see beyond our limited perception and are here to help us connect back to our nature of unconditional love. So it doesn't matter who you cursed out the other day, you are still eternally loved. Now, take the time to cultivate this love within yourself.

Connecting to the Angels

As stated above, your intention is the key component to connecting to the angels. It is important to remember that there are many different kinds of angels with many different associations. I also believe that there many angels who do have free will, the ability to choose how they will influence the collective. For this post however, I will be talking about how to connect to Archangels, those who specifically work with humans and those creatures associated with this reality.

Tip 1: Make Angels Your Focus

Whatever you focus your attention on the most is what will grow and take up space in your life. Make the angels a focal point in your life to invite their energy in. You can do this by making an angel altar in your space with statues of angels, feathers or anything that reminds you of them. Spend time in this altar space frequently to magnify the angelic energy in your home. If you don't have time to actually sit by the altar, simply focus on it for a bit.

Tip 2: Send Love To The Angels

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can send Reiki energy to the angels to help strengthen the connection between you and them. You can also send symbols that represent love to them such as hearts, roses or pink light.

Tip 3: Call Them In

If there is a particular angel you'd like to work with, take 5-10 minutes to call in their energy. This activity takes practice because the goal is not only to ask for their help but to feel their presence. See the process below:

  1. Make sure the space you're in is quiet without distractions. Find a spot in the room to focus on whether a blank wall or a picture of the angel you want to connect with. You can even focus on your own heart. Whatever you focus on, make sure you don't fidget or allow your attention to waver as your intention needs to be focused and clear.

  2. Once you are focused and clear, take a deep breath, pulling the energy of your breath into your solar plexus and exhaling out.

  3. Say the name of the angel you want to work with 3 times. Notice your body's sensations. If you don't notice anything, continue to say the name of the angel until you feel a shift. Keep in mind this shift may be subtle.

  4. Whether or not you feel a shift, you are in the presence of the Archangel you called upon. Sit in the energy for a few minutes and take note of any changes you felt at the end. Express gratitude for their presence.

Tip 4: Meditate

Feeling any shifts or changes from your angels is dependent upon how sensitive you are to energies. You can amplify your sensitivity by spending more time in meditation and paying attention to the sensations of your body. Meditation will help to ground the mind and clear the mind of any excessive thoughts that may be distracting you from listening to your intuition and the presence of the angels.

Tip 5: Affirm Your Divine Nature

An important factor in sensing and connecting to the angels is shifting your own energy to resonate with theirs. Angels are divine beings but so are you! It is your ego mind that keeps you feeling as though you are stuck and separate from your true nature as a divine being of the Creator. Through focusing our attention on who we truly are, we give the ego mind a rest to tear the veil of illusion. Affirm "I am the embodiment of unconditional love. I am one with the Divine. I am who I am"

I hope these tips will assist you in connecting to the angels.

Much love,


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