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Ego Desires VS Heart Desires

Desires seem to be a part of being human. There's always something that we want to have whether it be a physical item, state of mind, situation or relationship. We could be in a state of want or desire forever. But how do we know if what we want will truly bring us fulfillment? Let's unwrap this topic in today's blog.

First, reflect on some "things" in life that you feel you want. Could be a better job, to make more money, to have a particular car or house. It could even be a healthy romantic relationship or peace of mind. Have you ever thought more deeply about why you want these things? Have you ever wondered about the origin of these desires? Most people do not sit with the energy of what they want and why they want it to begin with. It would be beneficial to know why you want what you say you want because you will receive clarity on whether what you say you want is what will bring true fulfillment.

To clarify, it's not so much about whatever you're desiring but where that desire is coming from. There's nothing wrong with wanting a nicer car, a better job, a harmonious relationship, children or anything else that may emerge as a desire. But when desires create dissonance, we must allow ourselves to retreat inward and look at where there may be internal discord. When we desire from a place of ego, the result is usually catastrophic on some level. We may find ourselves in situations that are unfortunate, draining to our energy and further force us to look deeper into the origins of our desires via emotional upset. This is how the Universe gets our attention and says, "Look deeper."

Ego desires tend to have a strong pull. The pull to have these desires fulfilled is so strong that it can cause physical and emotional stress. It can get to the point where the person will exhaust themselves trying to fit the pieces together in order to have whatever they're desiring because of the strong attachment these desires create. Many times, these kinds of desires are extensions of the unhealed ego seeking to satisfy the desire to be validated. If at any point, these desires are fulfilled, the person may be left feeling empty soon after. They may still feel like something is missing. Why? Because something IS missing.

Underneath every ego desire is a yearning to reconnect with the soul's oneness. For example, the person that desperately wants a nice car but feels empty afterwards, may have wanted the car to validate their sense of worth as a person. They may have held within their being a deep desire to be seen. It wasn't the car they wanted, but the feeling of being honored and respected. No object can fulfill that need. Only a connection to one's soul can do that.

Heart's desires are pure. You can usually identify them because they are not based on the idea of exchange (If I have this, I will be valuable, loveable, etc). Heart's desires are a reflection of your soul's blueprint and your alignment to the Divine heart. They tend to have a life of their own and do not require force or manipulation to bring them into manifestation. The only thing that is required is to know what you truly want and then take inspired action when guided to do so. If the heart is allowed to lead, the desire unfolds naturally in its own time. There is a sense of trust and relaxation as there is a deep knowing that what the heart wants, has already been granted. Your heart would not have wanted it if it were not meant to be yours. Heart's desires are not a means to an end. You do not need your desires fulfilled to prove anything, as they are coming from a space of spiritual truth.

From my experience, most desires are a mix of the ego and the heart. Something you want may have its origins in the heart, but the unhealed ego can taint the heart's desires, adding a layer of conflict and confusion. In these instances, the goal would be to navigate through that layer of conflict and get a sense of what it's trying to show you. Why have you subconsciously added suffering to that which is pure? What part of you is afraid of receiving your heart's desire and wants to sabotage or create drama in order to block the process?

At the end of the day, ego desires and heart's desires are not separate. There is a call coming from the soul. How it is interpreted will depend on what state you are in. Ego desires/ egoic influence on heart's desires are the result of wounds and clouded layers of perception influencing the appearance of that soul call. Heart's desires are the purest translation of that soul call.

What is your heart calling you to do? How is the ego influencing your ability to follow your heart? Give yourself permission to ask then answer these questions.

Feel free to watch the video about this topic here

Much love,


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