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Escaping the Matrix?

"Taking the red pill" will only take you so far. As people burden themselves devoting so much time and energy obsessing about secret agendas and conspiracies, they are still investing in the very matrix they hope to escape from. That calls us to question, what IS "the matrix?" What is it people hope to escape from? Being lied to? Controlled? The matrix of governmental lies and manipulation is only one small matrix within a larger matrix. Is it not a form of mental slavery to always be on the lookout for the next hit of conspiratorial drama? Or to spend hours googling and gaggling about topics that have no bearing on your present moment? People have allowed themselves to become distracted by that which they deemed "a distraction", resulting in them becoming trapped in their own rabbit hole.

True freedom comes not from external focus but from internal journeys. It comes from allowing yourself to feel, to experience, to embrace the unknown, to love yourself regardless of condition, to drop into reality without the constant need to fight it. When you're spiritually liberated, there is little to no worry of external limitations and control from another as you know your true self cannot be limited. There is also trust in your own inner compass to always direct you towards that which will support the expression of your true nature. Why fear control when you are always guided?

True spiritual awakening has less to do with escaping and more to do with embracing. Remember, that as long as you're a human, you are always under some kind of veil of illusion within a matrix, as there will always be things your human mind and body will be unable to comprehend. But is that not part of the great mystery of life? Not everything needs to be known. Not everything needs to be understood. This is not to encourage ignorance, but rather to remind you to maintain your focus on the present. If action is required, you will know.

But if you want to truly be free? Start from within and navigate your own matrix.

Much love,


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