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Feeling Homesick For The Stars

As a child, I did what many children did--looked up at the stars with wonder and enjoyment. None of us really knew why we gazed at the stars, we just did. Now we find ourselves as star beings, star keepers and starseeds, feeling homesick, wishing that we could leave Earth and go back to our soul's true home.

I don't feel this so much now, but I used to and I know a lot of people do. I did however, go through a period of homesickness during a particular stage of my spiritual development. In between moving from the world of individual pursuits into the world of collective service, I became very disgusted with what I was seeing on Earth. I'd see or hear about people littering, fighting, people killing each other, being inconsiderate towards others, etc. While watching and witnessing all of this, I'd ask myself, "People really have the ability to cause harm to another?" and I'd just feel so sad. At those points, I'd feel an even stronger pull towards connecting to my star family and my galactic home. I'd reflect on times where I was visited by them and invited onboard the "ships" and would feel their love. And I'd think to myself...damn, I have to deal with these people on Earth...I'm nothing like them. Before bed, I would lie down in the dark and listen to these beautiful tracks by Judy Satori (click to listen). If you've never heard me mention it, I have a strong connection to the energies of Lyra, Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion and Arcturus, so hearing her tracks would comfort me in times of melancholy. Over time, however, the sadness and isolation began to cease and afterwards I felt an even stronger sense of purpose.

What I want to offer all of my star souls is the opportunity to explore your purpose here on Earth. Even though it can be hard to co-exist with people who seem so different from yourself, consider the idea that perhaps you are here to contribute your love, your wider perspective and the depth of your soul. All of these things are what our Earth has been devoid of for a long time. If you want to support your connection to all life, including humans, connect to your own humanity. Remember that as human beings, we are all on this journey of life and have to deal with the struggles of existing in a human body. Also consider that if you were in another's place, with their upbringing, their family and environment, would you have turned out the way they did?

Another thing you must engage in is Earth connection. Besides residing within the heart, this is another vital practice for ALL souls on the planet. Connect to Mother Earth by placing your bare feet on the soil. Touch the grass with your hands. Draw your awareness to the trees, the sun, the wind. Connect even further by focusing on the energy of the Earth's core and imagine your feet sending your energy down into the Earth. Spend time with people who understand you. And if you feel that doesn't exist for you, send out a call from your heart to invite your star sisters and brothers in to help you and they will come in when the timing is right. But know that you must accept reality as it is and surrender to Divine timing in order for the process to unfold smoothly.

Final point I'll make here is I believe that sometimes what we are called to do as our mission can bring a sense of sadness, especially if we feel like the situation on Earth appears hopeless. But, keep in mind, that you are not here to create change overnight all by yourself. The work taking place will take lifetimes and there are several beings on Earth and beyond assisting in Earth's evolution. So give with a pure heart, releasing your attachment to the outcome.

Feeling homesick is common for star souls, but we have to be careful of allowing it to distract us from our calling. Know that your star family is always there with you. When the time is right for them to connect with you, they will. For now, embrace your humanity, embrace Mother Earth as your temporary home and embrace your desire to help others.

Much love,


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