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Goodbye 3D? Simplifying Multidimensionality

When people talk about being 5th dimensional or 3D, what is actually meant by this? When we're talking about multidimensionality, we have to keep an abstract approach. We can't think of going from 3D to 5D in a linear sense, because we're not technically going upward. So when working to understand multidimensionality, we need to think in terms of expansion which happens in all directions. I mention 3D and 5D because these are the most commonly mentioned dimensions but I won't be focusing on what makes someone "3D or 5D" in this blog. We really can never say for sure where someone is in their life and even if we can, it's not for us to judge.

Everyone is inherently multidimensional. Everyone has a physical aspect as well as more etheric aspects. Regardless of how multidimensional someone is however, it is always being experienced from a third dimensional perspective. Our third dimensional existence allows us to be able to fully experience physical reality while dabbling into the finer dimensions that are beyond this one. What's important to keep in mind about multidimensionality however, is that in order to be able to more fully experience these different facets of ourselves, we must be aware of them and believe we can experience them. These aspects are always there, always working, always influencing our daily lives, but without awareness and belief in their presence, we lose a great deal of our experience of them. Awareness of multidimensionality opens you up to its influence and the degree you're able to experience it. Opening ourselves up to our nature beyond physicality supports the expression of our multidimensional nature. Mind you, this awareness doesn't come from just being told multidimensionality exists. We must have a deep knowing from within that the possibility of experience is there and that comes from an internal shift or change of belief.

As I mentioned in the beginning, when people speak of 3D or 5D, they usually speak about it in a way that reflects a person's spiritual level. 5D is seen as being better or higher than 3D, but whatever "D" someone is labeled, isn't about them being higher or better, but their degree of awareness. The expansion that occurs during spiritual growth is happening in all directions, so technically, you're getting bigger. Soul healing supports expansion. When the soul heals, any fragments that have been left in the past are returned to our present power. And when portions of the soul are able to be reclaimed from any trauma, it allows the gifts of the higher mind to be able to work through us more easily. The soul also begins to expand and translate its gifts into the physical world. All of this contributes to increasing awareness of one's multidimensionality, or expressing their multidimensional self as a human being. This also supports the ability to facilitate the integration of our personal Divine consciousness, the ability to see the bigger picture, acknowledge our spiritual interconnectedness and have a deeper understanding of the cycles of life.

What do we mean when we speak of dimensions? A dimension is simply a possibility or potential. When you expand and increase your awareness of your multidimensionality through healing trauma and bringing your power back to center, you open up the realm of possibilities for experience. This includes physical and spiritual experience. If someone is limited in their multidimensionality, basically what that means is they are bound only to what they can readily see, hear or feel. They focus on what is right in front of them, which is interesting because typically they are still not fully present. They may be focused on the external world more than themselves. Many times they are focused on mere survival, which is typically what determines what choices they make and why. So they get up and do what they have to do everyday as a means of living without actually experiencing the fullness of life. Usually people in this space feel trapped by their circumstances, doing what they feel should be done as opposed to doing what feels right for them.

When someone is awakened to life beyond the physical, they begin to entertain the idea that there is more to life than what can be immediately perceived with physical senses. They move beyond daily routines and start considering the possibilities. "What else is out there for me?", "Is this all there is?" may be some of the questions that are being asked at this point. It is here that we see the infant stages of increasing multidimensional awareness and it may have happened as a result of some earth shattering event. There may not be a knowing of past or parallel lives for example, but there has been a breakthrough that opened up a new timeline to align with. With this, there's an increased vulnerability, a desire to move beyond one's comfort zone. In order to broaden the horizons of experience, there is a level of risk involved. As things move beyond restriction and into a space of alignment with the heart's purest desires, this is when expansion increases. This spike in expansion occurs due to a realization which then affects a person's choices and decisions, thereby influencing physical experience. These realms of possibilities that open up with expansion ARE the dimensions people speak of. When we open our multidimensional awareness, we also give ourselves permission to experience life beyond perceived physical limits and also to experience life with more trust, love and flow. We may learn more about who we were in past lives and what gifts or abilities we still carry from these lifetimes, but in the end, all of these gifts and talents help us experience ourselves more fully, therefore supporting our ability to experience life more fully.

A part of increased multidimensional awareness is moving a portion of your focus out of the lower mental principles of logic or analysis, and grounding into the heart space. You are allowing yourself to trust in the pull of your heart to guide you where you need to be, something that cannot be explained by logic. It is through the heart that the Divine within us begins to speak and direct our actions towards living as our more expanded multidimensional selves. In taking this road, you begin to trust that even if you are not focused on survival, you are still being supported as you follow your heart. The more you follow your heart, the more you come into your full power. Because power is not about force and manipulation, but about being aligned with your truth as a spiritual being. When you reclaim your power, you understand the intertwining of your power and the Divine power. As opposed to being a victim of circumstance, you acknowledge that you have a choice in all you do. You are not a victim of the present or the future, but have the ability to influence your personal reality and what you desire to experience.

In "becoming" multidimensional, you are simply increasing your awareness and opening the doors for experience. You are living in a state of more freedom, trust, love and joy. You see that it is not a battle between the Divine and you, but that you are an expression of the Divine and have the ability to work with the Divine flow to create the life you want in a way that serves your highest benefit. I hope this blog has helped to simplify the idea of multidimensionality for you. Until next time!

Much love,


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