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Crystals for Amplified Intuition

I am a huge fan of crystals and have been working with them for years now. I feel a personal connection to crystals and they've been great companions through my ascension process. Feeling guided to work with crystals is important. It is of no benefit to work with crystals mindlessly if you do not feel called to work with them. Crystals are not a quick fix tool..they are essential partners in ascension. Crystals are conscious beings and should be treated with love and respect. They require some maintenance through cleansing, nurturing and supporting their energies. If you feel called to work with crystals then proceed below to this post on crystals you can use to strengthen your intuition.


Amethyst is one of my picks for amplified intuition as it is the stone of the higher self. It carries the vibration of the violet ray, the ray of transmutation, compassion and mercy. Working with amethyst will help raise your vibration so you may be more in alignment with your higher self and therefore have stronger intuition. I personally prefer the darker varieties of amethyst to amplify intuition as well as clear negative patterns that may be inhibiting your soul's growth. Archangel Zadkiel, Goddess Kuan Yin and Saint Germain are one of many beings associated with this crystal.

Lapis Lazuli

One of the stones I dreamt of during my spiritual awakening, it is a stone of truth. Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone that can help with connections to past lives as well as information from ancient civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Lapis assists in communicating information from the realms of Spirit opening up the doorway of the Akashic Records for access to all that ever was and all that shall be. Both the third eye and throat are activated by using lapis lazuli however, it is also a powerful heart stone as it helps those who use it move through the heart portal and into the depths of their soul. Star streams from Sirius can be associated with this stone although it carries an immense amount of Earth based information.


A wonderful heart and third eye crystal, tanzanite assists in moving it's users into the heart to tune into their soul's on a deeper level. Tanzanite can serve as a bridge between the worlds of Spirit and your conscious mind. I love using tanzanite to help me connect to my heart, connect to Spirit and to the vastness of my spiritual nature.


A crystal of all trades, quartz can be programmed to do anything that you wish as it holds intentions and information well. Quartz works on all the chakras to clear blockages and encourage and smooth flow of energy within all energy centers. This is important for enhanced intuition as blocks can slow down the transmission of intuitive insights.

Rose Quartz

This is an atypical stone for intuition but it is one of the best you can use. Rose Quartz opens your energy and helps with the powers of perception. Upon meditating with rose quartz, a sense of peace and tranquility can be felt as a result of heart opening. If you are particularly clairsentient, which means you receive impressions through sensations and feelings in the body, rose quartz will help to amplify this ability and as a result amplify other abilities that may open from tuning into your main psychic sense.

This post will be updated periodically with new insights!

Much love,


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