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Hathor: Integrating Her Love and Beauty Into Everyday Life

The Essence of Hathor

The Goddess Hathor, as she was known in ancient times, was and is the goddess of love and beauty. She is also known as a goddess who embraces the souls of the departed upon their entry into the underworld. Goddess Hathor is also known for her connection to sexual love, motherhood, art, music and all things Venusian in quality. It is Goddess Hathor whose body is that of the sky which houses the flight of her son Horus.

If we are going to dive into the energy of Hathor, we must emphasize the importance of love for this sacred process. Love, although seen as an emotion which is exchanged between two people, is so much more than this. Love is a core element of the etheric composition of this Universe. The energy of love on the most fundamental level, is the essence of life itself. At each energetic intersection within the fabric of the Universe, is built in a strand of loving vibration. Because most people tend to see love as something which is given or received, the more cosmic interpretations of love can be confusing and difficult to implement in daily life. But as the Universe continues to expand and the Earth continues to evolve, we must expand our definition of love far beyond the reach of the physical mind. We must be willing to not only give and receive love, but embody it as an integral part of our existence as human beings. It is the power of love that serves as our ticket into deeper dimensions of our own souls, to discover more of our Divinity and uncover more of the mysteries of the cosmos within us.

The frequency of Hathor is ethereal and aligned with the radiant, enlightening essence of the stars. She is a sky goddess after all. In order to fully receive this energy, we must be open to love. We must be open to seeing through the eyes of love, perceiving the beauty that is within ourselves and the world around us. We must become like children again, innocent and pure in our intentions, and vulnerable enough to mother and be mothered. It is goddess Hathor who guides us on this journey of spiritual evolution through the path of personal love and Divine love. But before we submerge ourselves into the cosmic abyss, let us start simply.

Inviting Hathor into Your Daily Life

Developing a relationship with the energy of Hathor invites you to allow yourself to become immersed in the stirrings of your heart. To tap into goddess Hathor’s energy, you must begin by connecting to her energy within yourself. Do this by embracing your physical body as a temple which houses the purity of your soul and spirit. Connect to your sensuality by engaging in activities which stimulate your sense of sight, hearing, taste and touch. Treat yourself with loving care, as you would with any of your loved ones. Make love the priority of your life.

When you wake up in the morning, start your day with a practice or ritual that honors the love of the Goddess within you. Spend time in your sacred space, expressing gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. Gratitude grounds us and brings our awareness deep into the heart, an essential for honoring our inner Hathor. Next, choose a practice which brings you into your body, including yoga, breathing exercises or simple stretches. Whatever practice you choose, make sure to be mindful and present for each movement. Breathe fully and deeply through each step. Doing so will keep the flow of energy seamless so as to promote a clear connection to yourself and the Divine. Throughout your day, follow your feelings. What is your heart calling you to do?

Allow yourself to listen to music which excites you or evokes strong emotion in you, then allow it to carry you away. Let yourself imagine, wonder and visualize yourself in another space or time that matches the vibration of the music. Go outside, and spend time in the beauty of nature. Draw your awareness to the deep green color of the foliage, the trees and the grass. Smell the scent of the soil in the air. Walk around and notice whenever the scent of the air changes, whenever a bushel of flowers are nearby and the air becomes filled with their aroma. Hathor’s energy refocuses our awareness to our senses, that which is pleasing to us and fills us with excitement and magic in the natural world. Bring your attention to your body. When you shower, be mindful throughout the entire process. Use soaps which are not only moisturizing, but pleasing to your senses; Scents such as rose, lavender, sandalwood, patchouli or any scent you like. Bonus points if pieces of the flower are within the soap. When you’re done showering, moisturize your body with whatever lotion you have. As an addition to this process, add some flower scented oil to your body afterwards. I have an oil blend of jojoba oil, jasmine oil and jasmine buds that I apply to my skin after every shower. It keeps the skin’s moisture in and leaves a beautiful scent behind. Finally, when you are ready to cloth yourself for the night, wear something loose fitting and comfortable that allows your skin to breathe. If you have a nightly ritual, include the stating of affirmations which declare your love for yourself. “I am love. Love radiates throughout every cell, tissue and organ of my being. I am a vessel of Divine love. I love myself unconditionally.”

On a daily basis, keep these key principles in mind to nurture Hathor’s energy within you. Love and joy are the key components for aligning to the Hathor frequency within the higher dimensions. It is when we are within our hearts and our purest joy that we become purified and therefore align to the more unified expressions of the Universe. Love and joy bring us into alignment with our truth as cosmic beings. This is not to say that we will always feel joyful all the time. Joy as an emotion is temporary, as we are human beings that experience a wide range of emotions. But there is also another form of joy that does not depend on external conditions. It is therefore unconditional and less emotionally charged, while also, less changeable. This kind of joy is most comparable to a sense of contentment rather than elation. Tapping into our small joys everyday serves as a bridge to this unconditional joy.

Also, allow yourself to be open, receptive and flexible. Goddess Hathor’s energy is warm, receptive and graceful. She is the exact opposite of rigidity, attachment and strictness. She is one whose energy is open to the wondrous miracles of life. Her energy is loose, relaxed and calm. At times, she can induce a trance-like state of ecstasy within us as we surrender to the rhythms of music and dance freely without inhibitions. Goddess Hathor is the embodiment of freedom. This approach will serve as a springboard into the next level of interaction with her energy.

Connecting to the Hathor Frequency

Now that you have spent some time lavishing in the splendor of the terrestrial planes, you can begin exploring the aspect of Hathor which goes beyond the Earth. The goddess Hathor’s energy awakens us to the subtle intricacies of taste, scent, touch and sight. When we allow goddess Hathor to emerge within us, we become present to the beauty of the now, whether within ourselves or the world around us. Being immersed in the senses and attuning ourselves to the beauty of everything around us may seem mundane, and that is because it is. But what we must remember is that the mundane is not separate from the celestial. Nor is it separate from the ethereal and spiritual worlds. All of these layers of life are delicately interconnected. When we connect to the physical world and properly ground ourselves into the moment, we open a door to experiencing the magical, mysterious and cosmic side of life. The body is the gateway to the stellar realms and in this case, the Hathor frequency.

The higher vibrational aspect of Hathor’s energy can be interpreted in a couple of ways. In one interpretation of this energy, you may see her as a group of tall, cream colored angelic beings. Another interpretation of her energy is that of a group of blue toned, ethereal beings who feel like they are created from the light of the stars. However these beings show up to you, it does not matter. Their energetic intentions are the same. I believe either representation is there to transmit to us the energy needed for the specific point of our spiritual journey. When you are fully grounded in the present, in your body while also being anchored in the energy of love and joy, you begin to dissolve the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is here, where the Hathor Frequency can make its entrance.

In order to make this level of connection, we’ll be focusing on intention and declarations paired with a physical action to link the physical and spiritual realms. The Hathor frequency is the higher energetic expression of Hathor’s Goddess energy, sometimes called the Hathors. The Hathors are a set of beings linked to several star systems and planets including Sirius, Venus and the Pleiades. I believe that all of these celestial bodies are expressed through them, and so, there is no one place of origin for them. For example, my personal experience with the Hathors came with a Pleiadian connection. I did not hear one mention of Sirius during my visitation with them, and I believe this is because my personal experience with ancient Egypt at a particular time, specifically around the fall of Atlantis, was connected to the Pleiades. And it was this connection that needed to reemerge for me so I could continue expanding my memories of who I was and I am now. At this point in my journey, they are transmitting a very Venusian quality of energy as they reawaken my memories of lifetimes spent in Ptolemaic Egypt and ancient Greece where I served as a vessel for their energy signature of Divine love and feminine expression. I express this to you to drive home the idea that you can and must be open with your experiences of the Hathors or any higher dimensional energy. You never know what may be shown to you. As long as you are open, you’ll receive the full magnitude of benefits needed for your personal journey of self discovery.

Exercise for Connecting to the Hathor Frequency:

  1. Find a quiet space to sit or lie down. If you’re a little tired, it’s ok. But if you’re exhausted, save this practice for another time.

  2. Focus on your breathing, inhaling to the count of 5, then exhaling for the count of 5. Do this as many times as you need to feel relaxed and focused.

  3. Once you’re relaxed and focused, get clear on your intention and state it aloud. “I set the intention to connect with the Hathor frequency in its purest, highest and loving vibration.” State this intention at least 3 times, or until you feel the energy shift.

  4. After the vibration has shifted, prepare your body to practice toning. Feel into your body and sense what tone it wants to sing. Whatever that tone is, sing that. Try your best to sing from your belly.

  5. From there, allow your body to tell you when it’s time to change the note or pitch. When you are ready, focus on your third eye during the toning.

  6. Pay attention to any shifts that occur from this point on. You may feel a sense of expansion. You may feel as though a presence has entered your space. You may see a vision of an image, a word, or even hear a set of words in your mind. Embrace it all as an indication that the Hathors have arrived.

Once you’ve acclimated to the shift in vibration, state this affirmation, “Thank you Hathors for your presence. Thank you for expanding my perception and my channels of Divine communication. Thank you for helping me to perceive myself as a being of light so I may experience the energetics of my beingness and navigate through life through this enlightened perspective. Thank you for helping me remain aligned to my highest joy and for helping me live my life with love as my priority”

I hope this has helped you connect to the essence of Hathor's energy in the mundane and non-physical realms.

Until next time

Much love,


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