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Here Is What You May Need to Reevaluate in the Times Ahead

This message comes as one of great urgency for me. Perhaps right now, it may seem unimportant, but I believe this will change as we continue to navigate the many changes on this planet. Before I go into the core of this message, I will say that I now understand why it was vital for me to experience the immense challenges that unfolded over the course of the past few months. I entered a period of despair and sadness because I wasn't able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, I was able to snap out of it, pull my big girl pampers up and get with the program. I'll explain further later on in this blog.

In the times ahead, we may notice an increase in pressure around certain aspects of our lives, particularly those involving mundane needs such as money, food, shelter, physical items and anything needed to function in our current society. We may also feel increased restriction around our personal definition of freedom. This may occur due to the energetic influences that are at play on the planet right now, specifically in the United States. These energetic influences have the potential to create environments and situations which can cause people to feel unsure, unsafe, powerless and hopeless. These potential situations can trigger a feeling of isolation, sadness and feeling as though there is no way out. But....this is exactly the intention of these energetic influences. Why? Because these perspectives and the emotions they produce are like food for these energies. Feelings of isolation, separation, hopelessness, and powerlessness offer these energies a sense of power and control. However, as weird as it may sound, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Allow me to explain.

What is being reflected in these situations is the shadow of this nation. We are extremely materialistic and identify our sense of worth and value based on how much money we have, how we acquire that money and what we can get with that money. All that we believe ourselves to be as human beings is based on our productivity, the money we make and the impact we make through productivity. It is for this reason that we have a tendency to look down upon those who are financially struggling or homeless. We come up with a slew of reasons for why these people are in the situations they are in. "Why don't you just get a job?", "Why don't you just work harder?" When in actuality, there is a much deeper issue at play here. The system we are living in has reduced us to numbers, pay roll sheets, machines that make a profit for bigger businesses. We live our lives earning money for ourselves to either survive or buy things which make us feel good about ourselves as humans and the life we're living.

So why isn't this occurrence of reflection a bad thing? Because we have a chance to make a change. We are being shown a mirror reflecting our own darkness, which we have the ability to transform then declare what it is we truly want to experience. These toxic patterns may be up for questioning in the times ahead. Notice I keep saying "may" as I know that the future is not set in stone, and if this current trajectory does indeed unfold, not all people will spend time evaluating these aspects of their lives.

In our current time and in the times to come, consider reevaluating these 4 principles.

  1. Our sense of value and where it truly comes from

  2. Our relationship with abundance and where it originates

  3. Our ideas about independence

  4. Our definition of freedom

How Do You See Your Value? What is Truly Valuable In Your Life?

Let us dive into the first one. What is your true value really based on? Many people in our society determine their value based on their level of productivity, how much money they make and how much they are able to contribute to society, which then serves as the foundation for how they view themselves as a person. It seems for many people that as long as you are always productive or at least always working towards something that you are valuable. Only then does it make sense to receive abundance. Here is the issue with this perspective. Determining someone's value based on any of these factors causes people to act out of alignment with their higher guidance. It leads people to believe that they must always be doing something in order to be valuable, or else you're seen as lazy or useless. The paradigm which exists on the planet is one that says in order to receive abundance in your life, you must give first...and give regardless of how you feel or what your inner voice may be communicating to you. But the path that the Earth is on right now is calling us to deconstruct this view and reframe our vision of ourselves. Here is the more expanded perspective- You do not always need to be active. You do not always need to work on something. You do not always need to have a goal. You do not HAVE to do anything that does not align with you (I know this is a tricky one for those with a lot of responsibilities. If you like we can discuss this privately and I can elaborate). I'm not saying to constantly be passive. What I am saying is to be in touch with your heart and the voice of your body. If you are in touch with your body, you can trust the stillness that you are guided to embrace. Living in the way humans have been living leads to illness...on all levels. Why are we constantly seeking approval? What is the point in doing what we are doing if we do not truly want it? It is time for us to start following our internal guidance system, to act through Divine inspiration instead of obligation. When the Divine is working through you, it becomes apparent when it's time to act and when it's time to rest. And yes, you will need to do both. Needing time to rest does not say anything about your productivity. It does not say anything about you as a person...just that you are human, and humans are living beings. It is my belief that most people in the modern world are to the point of exhaustion...not just a bit tired...exhausted. The world as it is transforming will no longer hold space for mental constructs such as these. We must get in alignment with our inner compass, our hearts and allow that to guide our intentions and actions.

Furthermore, we must look at what it is we truly find valuable in this world. There is nothing wrong with having possessions and buying things we love. The trouble is in identifying with what we own, as if it says something about who we truly are on a fundamental level. It does not. Our titles and our record of accomplishments are great, but who are we beyond them? We value ourselves for these titles and accomplishments, but what we still honor ourselves if we did not have them or were not able to accomplish them? What is it that you truly find valuable? For me, it is:

Love- The unconditional love within my heart that overflows from the heart of Source, through me, then to the hearts of anyone I am around.

Community- Having well intentioned people by my side to relate to and share my heart with

Truth- Being aligned with the truth of who I really am beyond what I look like or what I do. I am and you are a being of Divine consciousness.

Pure Abundance- Which comes from living in truth and love. Abundance is beyond physical money, but something much more.

How Do You See Abundance?

Most people in the United States are functioning from a very physical and fragmented perspective when it comes to money. For many people, money is the most valued and common expression of abundance. The issue with this view is that it is extremely limiting. It discounts all the other expressions of abundance such as gifts, inspiration, advice from others which is Divinely inspired, networks of people that may have connections that have access to things you might need or want, etc. Also, and this was an issue I had to personally overcome, people like the idea of having an independent stream of income-money that can be made strictly based on the work they do. Our views of abundance are not only limiting but also disconnected from the mechanics of life itself. Abundance is an ever flowing stream originating from the Source of all creation. All people are worthy of receiving abundance. You do not have to compete to receive it and there is nothing you must do in order to "earn" or deserve it. It IS your essence. What you must do is become aware of this truth and make it a part of your lived experience. But, most people do not function that way. As I mentioned previously, as soon as some people encounter financially struggling people they may assume they are lazy and then further assume that they are not worthy of abundance because they don't "work hard." But life isn't about proving how worthy you are so you can receive sustenance and good. It is about realizing that the stream of abundance from Source is flowing through you. And YOU are an expression of Divinity. Divinity is limitless and so abundance is limitless, love is limitless and YOU are limitless. Abundance is unlimited and is available to all beings. Remember that the source of money is not money. Money is but one expression of the energy of abundance. To access this larger expression of abundance, tap into Source. Once you do, expand your relationship to HOW abundance can enter your life. Be open to miracles and support from unexpected places. It is ok to receive abundance with ease, without having to kill yourself to have what you need.

Are You Independent? Do You Expect Others to Be?

Expanding on this view in the direction of independence, you may be called to reflect on how you relate to independence when it comes to yourself and others. Do you feel that you must primarily do things by yourself? Do you squirm at the idea of receiving help of any capacity from others? If so, look at how you see independence and what it says about you as a person. Many people feel like "good" people if they are independent and do not need to rely on others for help. But the truth is, nature is not independent, but interdependent. Everything in nature relies on something else in order for the system to work properly. However, nature's creatures do not act in this way because they will feel worthless if they do not contribute, but because they are living life gracefully and so naturally, the system functions in balance. All of life is operating through the intelligence of it's DNA and the Divine intelligence that circulates throughout each living entity. As part of interdependence, all that is needed is provided by nature. This is what you must keep in mind for the future. If you must ask for help at any time, it is ok. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong. Humans were not made to function independently. We need each other. If someone else needs help, be mindful of your judgement should it arise. If you feel like people shouldn't ask for help because they should be able to do everything themselves, it's time to look at your beliefs regarding supporting others and being supported. At the same time, pay attention to your feelings and use your discernment. There is a difference between someone needing help and someone who has given up on life and has forgotten their power. Even in these situations, we should show compassion and go within for the best solution. Assistance should be given when it resonates, not as a means of investment for receiving something in return. I know that sounds odd since we've lived in a way that is exchange based. But the best way to not get drained is to primarily give when it feels right, otherwise, resentment can develop.

To drive this point home, no one does anything 100% by themselves. As much as people love to emphasize their independence and how they were able to get everything they acquired through strictly hard work and sacrifice, someone or something has always been there to help or guide you, even if it was your ancestors, whom you cannot physically see but send their support from the other side of the veil.

What Does It Mean To Be Free?

This is a tricky question that I feel we're still learning how to answer. But generally speaking, in the west, being free is seen as having little to no outside restrictions. Freedom for many westerners is being able to do whatever you want. Being free to practice your religion, to watch certain television programs or eat whatever food you feel like it certainly is an expression of freedom. it freedom in its totality? If you think about it, every society has restrictions in place. There is always something you cannot do in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of others. This is important for everyone. But I think it's important, especially in the times to come, to explore deeper expressions of freedom. If you are on the spiritual path, you know that releasing baggage is a large component of this process. You must be willing to honor your pain and let it go in order to So on a spiritual level, what is freedom? Spiritual freedom is the ability to be able to live life without the weight of tainted perspectives of the ego. It is the ability to observe then properly respond as opposed to react. It is the ability to see life from a perspective of events which "happen" and being able to choose how you perceive them. It is the ability to honor all that you are without harsh criticism or judgment. It is the ability to live life fully without being pulled into different directions by particular stories, opinions or narratives. Inevitably, it is the ability to harness your inner peace and remain centered in your spiritual truth in all situations. Everything I just mentioned will be needed in the times ahead. Your sense of freedom might feel tested and you may feel as though you are being controlled. But this is an illusion, for your true freedom comes from within. People who try to exert control are still people. In reality, they truly control nothing and no one. There are Divine forces that are overseeing the evolution of this planet. Even in the midst of such attempts, the Divine consciousness within you cannot be "controlled." Do not allow such attempts to dull your memory of who and what you are. Again this is not to say that you must be passive if things like this should occur. This also doesn't mean you should resort to violence. Stay in touch with your heart and the love within it. Stay in alignment with the Source energy which flows within you. Only then will you receive accurate guidance on how to proceed.

Most of you don't know this, but I had to go through an intense period of reevaluation regarding my relationship to all the concepts I mentioned here. The things that saved me were faith, love and people that cared about me enough to assist me in any way they could. In this period, I had to learn how to shift my focus and expand into the vastness of Divine abundance. It was very difficult but I am grateful that I can share the wisdom of these lessons with you now.

To bring this discussion full circle, remember all these things. You are a being of Divine consciousness. Because you are a being of Divine consciousness, truth, love, abundance and freedom are all inherent to your beingness. Reconnect to the intangible origins of these energies which manifest in the world of form. This will be one of your superpowers in the potential times which lie ahead.

Much love,


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