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How Quan Yin Can Assist with Your Ascension

Goddess Quan Yin, once known as Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion, is known as the one who hears the cries of the world. The idea of the "bodhisattva" is that they hinder their own enlightenment in order to help those that are suffering out of compassion for them. Goddess Quan Yin showed up for me a few years ago to assist with my process of ascension; I have found her to be supportive guide, a wise mentor and an unexpectedly "cool" being. There are a few ways that Goddess Quan Yin can assist with your ascension process and they are listed below.

Assists in Cultivating Compassionate

This one might be obvious but it's such an integral part of her nature that it would be a great disservice to her not to mention it. Many people hear the word "compassion" and imagine people like Princess Diana or Mother Theresa, some of the world's greatest humanitarians that served others and helped them out of unfortunate circumstances. I agree that these beautiful people in our world's history had compassionate hearts, but Quan Yin helped me to see compassion from another perspective. She helped me to see that compassion must start from within. You cannot be of great service to others if you do not have compassion for yourself first. Quan Yin shared this with me during a time where I felt bad about not being compassionate enough. She firmly but kindly told me that I need to start holding compassion for myself first and then this compassion would overflow out into the world. From there, compassion can come from a pure place as there would be little to no restriction from our own projections. However we see ourselves and treat ourselves is how we will see and treat others.

Facilitates the Entry of Light Through The Crown Chakra

Goddess Quan Yin can be seen as a gatekeeper of sorts. Her energy resonates with that of the crown chakra, which is our connection to higher consciousness. Although higher consciousness is accessible to everyone, not everything is accessible all the time if a person's vibration is not in alignment with their higher self. Quan Yin helps people access this higher dimensional energy by opening the crown more when the time is right. The flow of this higher vibrational energy through the crown chakra is controlled by an energetic valve and this must be done because too much energy flowing through this center too soon can be overwhelming and possibly damaging. Goddess Quan Yin helps in deciding when to open that valve. One must have achieved a certain level of purity so they can resonate with this energy, which can be cultivated through heart attunement, removing past attachments and allowing oneself to be fully immersed in their darkness so it can be transmuted and integrated. This can be described as soul level healing. Soul level healing involves healing the past within the present lifetime but also attachments within past lifetimes, as they are all in the same pool of energy. This healing results in a stronger connection to higher consciousness and the ability to more clearly connect to our higher self and express it in the physical world. There are different levels of higher self expression that can be experienced during the ascension process but it's important to know that we always have that connection. The less emotional and mental baggage we carry, the clearer the connection and expression can be. All the chakras are affected by the inflow of higher consciousness so all the chakras ascend to the next level. Once expansion happens, you may notice that you start seeing things from a higher perspective, you release judgement towards others and can forgive more easily.

Helps in Balancing Past Life Karma

Quan Yin has the ability to determine when people are ready to release their karma and go to the next stage of evolution. She wants people to grow and move past whatever maybe hindering their freedom. In a dream I had with Quan Yin, she showed me that in one past life I had in Egypt, I did something that was damaging to others. She then showed me that I was ready to release any effects of these actions and proceeded to open up my crown chakra to be able to receive higher levels of consciousness. So as you can see, Quan Yin has the ability to turn the dial within our crown chakra so we are able to embody and express our higher selves. If, based on our development, we are ready to move past limitations and ascend to the next level, she helps us open ourselves up to that which will help us be pure expressions of our divinity. Quan Yin also has the ability to determine if someone is not ready to expand and will see what they need to do next. She does not control the expansion but she makes the judgement of what energy to distribute based on the person's state and development so far.

Ways to Connect with Goddess Quan Yin

Goddess Quan Yin is open and easy to connect with. Goddess Quan Yin resides within the brilliance of the Amethyst order of the violet ray. Amethyst is a crystal which can be used to connect with what Goddess Quan Yin represents- transmutation, peace, purity and true freedom. Meditate with amethyst to raise your vibration and align with your pure self. Pearl is also good for aligning with Quan Yin's energy as it represents the purity and wisdom of the divine mother. Set the intention to connect to Goddess Quan Yin, hold pearl in your hand while chanting Om mani padme hum to connect with this bodhisattva of compassion.

Much love to you on your journey,


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