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"I Want It but I Don't Need It"-Discerning Essentials in the Unified Field

Today, I'd like to discuss the topic of discerning essentials when residing in a unified field or the Divine Matrix. It's an interesting topic of discussion, especially now when we're in an age of indulgence, excess and physical pleasure. Nothing wrong with physical pleasure of course. It's a natural part of being human. But I've definitely seen some changes unfold recently that have to do with filtering out what's truly needed vs what acts as a supplement to those needs.

This is not the same as only getting what you need because you're "broke." This approach comes from a completely different mindset, which is rooted in lack. The perspective I'm speaking of comes from a place of recognition of the magnitude of one's true abundance and therefore, the flame of desire for excess being tempered. Allow me to expound upon this.

When we reside in a space of true abundance, it is not necessarily dependent on possessions, money and things that build our sense of worth or identity. We are able to honor the energy which gave life to these forms of abundant expression without being attached to the expressions themselves. This allows us more freedom to live as we are- as beings of Divine expression without attachment to "things" that we feel define who we are as human beings. Because we have this freedom, it tempers our desire to have more than what is essential to our Divine "sourceness"...therefore, we actually don't require much to remain happy, comfortable and alive. We are able to live, breathe and embody all that we are without feeling the need to acquire anything in excess like we might have required previously to support our sense of vitality. In this way of life, we are kept alive by the vital force of life itself, being given what we need to maintain the vessel in perfect balance and harmony.

At a certain point on the journey of ascension, one may experience a period of perceived impoverishment. The point of this period is not to exact punishment or difficulty but to redirect one's attention to the Source of all, and to spark the remembrance that it is this Source which is the substratum of all physical manifestations. Therefore, it can become clear within the mind and being that even when there is little to no dollar bills, support is not far away. It is still close and always present. This perspective also brings the realization of the difference between that which is essential and that which is supplementary. Such a realization is profound in this time where spiritual attainment is perceived as being synonymous with what is in one's bank account (Again, for another blog post lol).

How much is truly needed to maintain life? Does excess bring true unconditional joy? When residing in a unified field, the answers to these questions become clear.

Much love,


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