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Lemurian Consciousness-What We Have Forgotten

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

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"Lemuria"- When saying this word, so many images flood people's minds (if they have indeed heard of the great Lemuria): Dolphins, crystals, beings of light, water (especially the Pacific and Indian Oceans). But what about Lemuria causes fascination in the hearts of those in the modern world? I think it is quite a magical place, a place that seems far divorced from our current reality. But is it just about the dolphins, the crystals and the magic?

Lemuria is more than crystals, dolphin songs and beings that we long to experience in our meditations. What the crystals, dolphin songs and beings of light do is serve as a conduit for reconnecting to what Lemuria truly represented. Lemuria is not only a location, but a state of mind, a space within our own consciousness. What is not emphasized enough about the "lost civilization" of Lemuria, is that it was an etheric representation of a unified state of consciousness. Lemuria represents that aspect of us that lies deep within the chambers of the heart, which connects all of us together as one heart, one light and one harmonious essence of being. Lemuria reminds us that we are in reality, connected to all life, whether human, plant, animal or spirit form. When we give ourselves the freedom and permission to travel through our hearts deeply enough, we are able to access this unified field which sees us all as beings of Source, beings of love. When people talk of "no separation", this is in essence Lemurian Consciousness. On the road to realizing our oneness with all life, we also discover our gifted nature as physical and spiritual beings. We realize our power to influence our reality and bring into creation the life we so desire for ourselves. From there, we are also able to influence the unfoldment of the Earth's evolution through contributing our gifts to the planet and cultivating love and truth where we are. These gifts that we discover through our earthly lifetime, such as intuition, manifestation, healing, transmutation and many others are also gifts which we possessed in what many people call Lemuria. We all possess these gifts. And as we emerge into our truth, these gifts become more apparent to us. If anything, these gifts show us even more so how connected we are to each other and the Universe.

The Flower of Life-A sacred geometrical symbol of 19 overlapping circles synonymous with Lemurian Consciousness

Furthermore, as we blend with this Lemurian consciousness, we'll feel more compelled to contribute to the world and to the collective through service. It becomes our primary motivation as we see all is one. This is what our crystals are helping us come into. Working with crystals can help us "remember" on a subtle level this Lemurian consciousness, our oneness with all life, as well as the spiritual gifts which are imprinted in our soul's blueprint.

The sacred geometrical symbol I posted above the previous paragraph is a symbol that I have come to associate with Lemurian consciousness. Seeing the circles overlapping in the Flower of Life displays interconnectedness, something we feel and experience more vividly as we become one with this consciousness and live it everyday.

So if you wish to truly connect to Lemurian consciousness, see the crystals and the cetaceans as mere mediums to aligning with spiritual oneness and interconnectedness. Keep in mind that Lemuria will return when we realize that it is primarily a state of mind and being. It is through this state of mind and being that will facilitate the return of "Heaven on Earth."

Much love,


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