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Lightworkers, You Must Be Willing to Face the Truth

If there is anything that self proclaimed lightworkers must do at this time, it is to face the truth and allow this truth to be as it is without trying to bypass it. In these dark, uncertain and scary times on the planet, it is of the utmost importance that lightworkers and changemakers understand that it is through the truth that we are able to facilitate change. It is a common belief within the modern spiritual community, that anything which causes fear to arise is fear based in and of itself. Be cautious of this view dear ones, for not everything that triggers fear is reflective of an underhanded agenda. Many times we are faced with the truth of a situation which can cause personal upset, anxiety, fear or a sense of urgency. But this has more to do with your individual view of the situation as well as the body and ego self doing what it must do to keep you safe and protected. However, if we are familiar with the ego self and the reactions of the physical body, they are not always indicative of what is truly happening in the moment or what will happen in the future. It is simply there as a defense mechanism in the event that something does arise that you'll need to protect yourself from. This does not mean that it will ever occur. The body holds wisdom and it's vital for us to always acknowledge all the feelings, sensations and reactions of the body, even if it's acting on instinct. Trying to subdue and stifle the body's workings will not bring improvement where we desire it.

Instead, what you must do is honor everything that arises. Embrace it with a loving heart and see it as part of everything that makes you a human being. There is no shame in what you feel. Allow it to rise easily and it will fall just as easily. Bear in mind that we cannot bar ourselves from the truth that is unfolding before us, even if it is painful to experience. As lightworkers and changemakers, you are here to bring change, not through ignorance of the worlds events, but through acknowledgement, love and residing in the light that you are. For how can one bring change to a world they have no knowledge or acceptance of? It is through the truth that you will be able to be and act accordingly. And of course, we do not have to move through extremes where we're either completely immersed or completely unaware. It is completely possible to have a healthy balance of awareness and centeredness within yourself. Also know that while there are some painful events unfolding on the planet right now, we always have the opportunity to zoom out and see the higher perspective...but we must be grounded in physical reality to do just that.

Much love,


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