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The Four Archangels

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

There are many different kinds of angels which I will discuss in time but the main group of angels I will be discussing here are the four main Archangels, simply because they are the angels that interact the most with is their duty. The Archangels are reflections of us, of the many aspects of ourselves and the lives we live. If you need help with something, there is an Archangel for it.


Probably the most well known of Archangels, Archangel Michael can be found in almost every Abrahamic tradition. He tends to appear in a cobalt blue light although he has also appeared to me in an eggplant colored light. His presence is quick, fiery but light-hearted, becoming serious when needed. Archangel Michael is best known for protection and clearing negative energies and attachments. However, he is also very helpful for those who feel lost on their path and need clarity. Archangel Michael can help you have the courage to do that which you are afraid to do, but that which you must do for your highest and best good.

Archangel Michael has come to my aid in times of immense change where I feared the unknown but had to take the next step forward. He has also helped me during times on my ascension journey where my repressed fears and doubts emerged and I was unsure whether or not I would overcome those obstacles. One night, I called upon Archangel Michael to help clear heavy energies I absorbed from someone else and with my eyes closed, I saw in my corner vision, fiery wings wisp past. I knew I was in Archangel Michael's presence. For the next few days, I cleared not only the energy that I absorbed but other energetic debris that needed to be released.


Archangel Uriel's name means "The light of God" and this is not an understatement as his appearance brings a fierce emanation of light that is life changing to say the very least. Another fiery angel but much more serious than Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel is not to be taken lightly. His presence denotes a period in one's life where their mission is of great importance. Uriel appears with an assertive almost militant like energy and he will feel like a drill sargeant for those he has chosen to work with. Archangel Uriel assists with writing, especially when that writing is prophetic in nature, bringing forth Divine truths from the heavens. He also assists those who work with magic, the vibrations of the planet and helps bring insight and clarity to situations that are murky and confusing. Sudden realizations can sometimes be attributed to the presence of Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel was the first angel to appear to me. I wasn't consciously working with angels at the time, primarily star beings. So I was shocked and grateful for the experience I had with Uriel. I said my prayers then laid down to rest. When I came to, I was in a dimly lit room made of pure gold and filled with scrolls. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I noticed that I was positioned in a chair in front of a table that supported an open scroll. I heard "Learning to write the language of Archangel Uriel" as I was sitting at the table. My awareness increased even more and I felt a large presence standing behind me, towering over me with power and command; it was the Archangel Uriel himself. The fire of God radiated from him, so much so that he kept himself hidden from my sight. He proceeded to guide me through writing a multitude of symbols on this open scroll, critiquing me every step of the way. It was important to him that the message was written just right. Like a drill sargent he guided me and I heeded his every instruction, writing everything I was guided to. It was at that moment that the depth of sleep took over me once again. I woke up from my slumber and knew in my heart that Archangel Uriel would be a guide through my Divine mission.


The energy of this angel was quite surprising to me as I did not expect him to be so gentle. Archangel Raphael's name means "God has healed" and he is associated with healing, healers, travel, music, clairvoyance and heart centered living among other things. Archangel Raphael can bring us creative solutions to health problems and encourage us to live from a healthy mindset as that is the key to optimal health.

I didn't start working with Archangel Raphael until a few years ago when he appeared as a bright green light in the corner of my bedroom during a healing attunement. From that point on, I started including him in my work with clients and in my own personal healing. What makes Archangel Raphael so different from the other Archangels is that he is a bit more understated. He is like the teenager in high school that appears quiet and reserved but is filled to the brim with profound knowledge and insight if you take the time out to get to know them. His presence is typically never overwhelming and intense, but gentle and loving. In my experiences calling in Archangel Raphael, I have immediately felt a stirring in my heart after inviting him into my space. I'm usually in bed when I call on the angels so if I call on Archangel Raphael for help and fall asleep shortly after, I'll wake up in tears from the immense heart clearing that has taken place on his behalf.


I haven't had the privilege of working a great deal with Archangel Gabriel yet but the experiences I have had so far have been beautiful. Archangel Gabriel whose name means "God is my strength", is seen in every Abrahamic tradition as a holy messenger. All of the Archangels can indeed be seen as messengers of some kind but Archangel Gabriel's messages are usually those of revelation. For this, Gabriel is usually associated with communication especially of a heavenly nature, and helps those who work in the field of communication of various kinds with the purpose of transmitting important messages to the public.

In my initial experience with Gabriel, this angel emanated a pure white light which I can now associate with the white light of the Holy Spirit. My experience with Gabriel was such that they were supporting me in my ascension process so that I may grow aligned with purity. After working with Gabriel, doves became a frequently occurring symbol. In my later experience with Gabriel, it was very clear to me that Archangel Gabriel definitely had more of a feminine presence and so my tendency to assume that all the archangels are male dissipated. The energy that I experienced while working with Archangel Gabriel showed much similarity to that of Mother Mary. Both radiated a pure white light and feminine warmth. It was soon after that I learned that the white light of the Holy Spirit can be correlated with the Sophia, the feminine aspect of God. I believe that both Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary are expressions of this Divine feminine energy.

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