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My Tips for an Epic Space Clearing Routine

"Cleanliness is next to godliness." I'm sure you've heard this saying. Everyone knows that creating a clean and tidy home is paramount for maintaining a healthy and functional environment...well, mostly everyone lol.

But besides keeping your place physically clean, it's also important to keep your place energetically clean. This is especially true if you are a hyper sensitive individual and perceive energy on a daily basis.

Based on my experience working with energy, I have seen that a person's space is a reflection of the people living in it. Your space absorbs the energy of your thoughts and emotions as well as any energy that may have been released into the space from past events. People that have a tendency to be closed off and rigid, usually have a space that reflects that energy regardless of what the physical space may look like. This energy can be compared to a rubber band that has been pulled into a taut just feels very tight. Someone who is depressed may have a space that feels clouded and heavy from all the emotional energy and dense thoughts that have been released into that space. On the other hand, someone who is joyful and enthusiastic will have a space that directly reflects those feelings. I'll get into some more specific examples a little bit later.

Since your space takes on the energy of all the people living in your space, it's important to keep your space clear on all levels to keep the energy flowing smoothly. Doing so can also facilitate profound personal change within a person and their relationships with others. This is why it's important to clean and energetically clear your space every season, to release the energies of the past and welcome the energies of the new. I don't just mean spring, summer, fall and winter either. Seasons can represent any period of your life where you are beginning a new chapter.

Without further adieu, here are some of my tips for keeping your space clear:

Learn How to Read the Room

This step can take some practice but it can be highly beneficial for knowing when and how you need to cleanse your space. First, get in touch with your own energy. Get a sense of how you're feeling and what state you're in at the moment. Then, direct your attention to the room. You can make this easier by stating an intention such as, "I focus my awareness on the energy of this room." From there, see what you feel. Does the space feel sticky? Dense? Bubbly? Scattered? It may be hard to put a word on how you're feeling at first. If this is the case, ask yourself, "Does this space need to be cleared?" Trust your initial feeling as your body will give you an answer. You may feel a resounding "yes" in the form of a heavy drop in the gut, or you may feel a "no" translated as a feeling of dismissal, or a feeling like you don't want to focus on the question any longer. As I mentioned, this can take practice but if you make it a point to do this every day or every few days, you'll get better at it with time. So have patience.

Before Clearing, Set Your Intention

This tip is crucial. I notice a lot of people skip this step and only rely on the effects of the smudging materials they're using. I believe smudging materials do work but your intention amplifies the effects of whatever you're using to clear your space. Below is a step by step process for setting your space clearing intentions:

1- Before using any cleansing tools, center yourself in your space. Focus on your breathing for a minute or two and become present in the moment.

2- State an intention aloud for your ceremony such as, "I set the intention to clear this space of any energies that are no longer needed, anything that does not serve the highest and best good of all who reside here."

3- From there, state exactly what you want your space to feel like, what energy you want the space to emit. "I intend for this space to vibrate at the levels of love, peace and harmony."

4- Last but not least, visualize in your mind what this space will look and feel like energetically once you're done. So you're basically taking the intention mentioned from step 3 and visualizing it from the mindset of it already being done.

5- As an added bonus, you can call in whatever spiritual helpers you want to help you with this task. Sometimes I call in Archangel Michael or the Angels of Space Clearing and ask them to help me clear the space.

From there, get to clearing! Go around your space thoroughly, making sure you get in any dark corners and closets.

As You're Space Clearing, Open the Windows

Opening the windows can serve multiple purposes. Having the windows open can be a physical representation of the heavy energies leaving your space through the open windows. Beyond that, it's also good for a practical purpose- Getting fresh air and sunlight! Having fresh air in your space is so important for keeping the energy flowing smoothly. It allows stale, stagnant air to escape through the window, and for fresh air to come in. That way, things don't get stuffy. Some would say, you should do this step right before you start clearing. Others say you should keep the windows closed during the actual clearing, then open the windows at the end. I personally don't believe there's any hard and fast rule for this. Do what you feel is best but at least try to crack open a window for a few minutes to let in some fresh oxygen and sunlight.

If You Can't Burn Sage or a Cleansing Herb, Use Aura Sprays

I use aura sprays not only for my personal aura, but also for my space. I typically use them after I burn sage or any other cleansing herb. I use the spray in each corner of every room and reaffirm my intention for creating a loving, harmonious space. However, keep in mind that the quality of the spray is really important. Mass produced sprays typically don't work very well. I'd highly recommend shopping around for sprays that are made to order by small shops or even making your own spray! I have yet to make my own but I know people who have and it makes a world of a difference! You can get super creative adding crystals, oils and personal intentions to your sprays.

If You Are Attuned, Use Energy Work

Somewhere between burning cleansing herbs and using aura sprays, I send reiki to every room in my space. I send symbols to each corner and reaffirm my intention. If you are not attuned to any healing modality, stating a prayer is absolutely fine.

Check Back into Your Space Once You're Done

Once you have completed your cleansing ceremony, use the first step to check back into your space to see if it feels any different. Typically, you will notice a shift. One thing I want to mention, however, is depending on who is living in your space and where they spend most of their time, some rooms may be harder to clear than others. If a person is down in the dumps or is dealing with a personal issue, the space they spend the most time in may still have some sticky energy in it. Situations like this call for a bit more work to be done in the space, but also call for self care for the person. Of course, this depends heavily on the person and what they want. No one can be forced into self care so be mindful of this when proceeding forward. That brings me to the next tip I have.

Take Care of Yourself

Because your space is a reflection of you, it's important to place your self care as a priority. If you are experiencing an emotional upheaval or some kind of deep level soul healing, the room will absorb that energy and hold onto it. I mentioned earlier that I would give more specific examples of how a space reflects a person, so here's another one. If you are going through a transition, even if it's one that you feel optimistic about, your space will still reflect that energy. The space may feel scattered and ungrounded so you will still need to clear the energy and set your intentions for what you want your space to feel like. So clear your own energy through cleansing herbs, aura sprays, crystals, etc. Take care of your health on all levels. Ground your energy too.

Make Sure You Clean

This one may seem obvious, and I probably should have mentioned it earlier, and I kind of did, but keeping your space physically clean is important for having a vibrant home. Removing dust, cobwebs, grime and vacuuming are all important for maintaining a harmonious space. Keeping your space as organized as possible is also important. I personally find it harder to focus when my space is cluttered and disorganized, not to mention that it's harder to find stuff! Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's a lot harder for new opportunities to enter a home that is filled with clutter. So dust, vacuum, mop, organize, all that good stuff. Your space will thank you.

How Often Should You Cleanse and Clear?

I personally made it a habit to do my space clearing rituals once a week after physically cleaning my space. However, depending on what is being experienced in the space during the week, I may do it more than that. It all depends on you and what works for you.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. To receive notifications anytime I post a blog, please subscribe. Sending you all lots of blessings!

Much love,


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