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My Visit with the Angel Aurora!

I am super excited to share this experience with you! A few days ago, I was visited by this beautiful Archeia (feminine archangel) and was given reassurance for my life's work.

It was nighttime, around 1am, and I was sitting in meditation which is a pretty regular practice for me these days. I began to feel some tingling around my hands so I felt guided to place my hands, palm side up on my thighs. My attention veered for a moment but as it returned to center, I heard "Aurora". Of course, I was surprised to hear a name so clearly as I don't consider myself to be very good at receiving specific names from Spirit. Once, I received the name, I sat and allowed myself to receive more of this energy. Within my third eye vision was an amazing, brilliant spectrum of light that I've never seen before. The form itself was gold but it radiated beautiful colors, similar to the colors of the rainbow but at a wavelength that was a bit different that the colors we see here on Earth. The presence was warm, feminine, earthy and motherly, sparking joy as I connected with her on a deeper level. As we connected, I heard her say "Lightworker" and "Earth Angel" and felt that she'd be assisting me on this path of service. She also showed me a violet flame (similar to the color of charoite) around my throat chakra to let me know the importance of the words I would be speaking and transmitting from my higher self. From there, her presence retreated, but I could still feel the remnants of her energy with me.

As I finished up my meditation practice, I thought to myself, "Aurora...I've heard that name before. She feels like an angel." So I decided to do some research and I was astonished at what I had found. Aurora is indeed a real angel; She is the divine complement of Archangel Uriel. Based on the research I conducted, these two angelic presences are associated with the 6th ray of service and peace. So you can imagine that I was blown away by this information since it confirmed everything I felt and experienced.

I feel truly blessed to have been able to work with Archeia Aurora and to know that she's supporting me with my life's work. Thank you for reading!

Much love,


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