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No, I Do Not Fit the Mainstream Spiritual Narrative

As a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer, I have worked with many clients from different parts of the world. Over the years, my clientele has changed, going from people who want information, to those who seek growth. Working with clients that have a genuine interest in spiritual development has always been important to me, even though it took me some time to realize it.

On my journey, I've engaged in work and have had experiences that could be lumped into the new age category. Encounters with angels, star beings, elementals, working as an intuitive reader and healer, engaging in meditation, yoga, chakra balancing, crystal healing and energy work among other things, has been a major part of my spiritual expression. Though a lot of what I've listed meets the criteria of a new age person, I do not consider myself to be part of the new age group. For some reason, this is how my path decided to express itself but I do not use these terms to define my approach, as a great deal of my core values do not align with this category. I'm simply living my life as Saiedah and all that I have been drawn to is what brought me the greatest amount of growth in this lifetime. It is what has worked for me. However, many people will find me through searching key words that are under the new age category. Hope that makes sense.

The Ideal vs The Real Deal

Another thing I've realized over the years, is that there is a tendency to hold "spiritual people" to a certain standard. When I say "spiritual", I am specifically referring to new age/ mainstream spirituality.

According to new age standards, if you are truly "evolved," you:

Don't wear a mask

Don't receive vaccines

Don't trust science, researchers or the government

Only eat vegan

Must have psychic powers and the ability to heal

"Know" that Black Lives Matter is a media ploy

"Know" COVID isn't real

"Know" that the world can't be trusted except for Donald Trump or people that are like you

Well, I'm going to tell you honestly that I do not completely fit this narrative. People make the assumption that if you do any kind of healing or intuitive work, you need to subscribe to the beliefs I posted above. Much of this narrative is based on mainstream spirituality and as I've said before, mainstream spirituality is not reflective of true spiritual development. Mainstream spirituality uses products and fantastical imagery as a way to create an idea of spirituality-- the ideal. So from there, you may associate a spiritually evolved person with this "ideal" image. They may wear flowy, bohemian clothing and crystal necklaces. They may carry tarot cards with them in their bag so they can read someone when asked. Beyond that, your "ideal" spiritually evolved person may do yoga, use candles and do rituals every full or new moon cycle. This idea of what a spiritually evolved person should look like can serve as the foundation for the standards that I've stated above. As a result we can have a person that fits the ideal but may not have actually grown much throughout the course of their lives.

Truth is, however, the path of spiritual growth may include the use of products like candles, smudge, crystals, oracle cards and chakra balancing tools, but these do not encompass the whole journey. These tools and practices INCLUDING divination, meditation and energy healing are methods used for connection when we have not come to the full realization of our spiritual nature. There's nothing wrong with them, but after a certain point, we may very well be asked by our highest expression to release these tools and practices once they are no longer necessary. Yes, that is a possibility. And yes, you are still spiritual even when you do not do these things. Why? because spirituality has nothing to do with any of these things. You can do reiki, practice divination and work with crystals and STILL have no idea how to treat another human being.

What I Am About

In my work, I teach people how to tune into themselves and to ground themselves into their bodies as well as the Earth. It is my belief that the body is an important gateway for accessing the soul's wisdom. I believe we are innately embedded with wisdom and I help people in the process of removing blocks that impede their connection to that wisdom. For me, it's not about rejecting the human experience, but fully engaging with it and seeing it as an integral part of living on Earth. When combined with spiritual practice, we create true soul development and therefore, real world change.

I am here for the PEOPLE. I am here to help people discover their inherent tools for navigating through life. I am here to honor their experiences and support them through life's challenges. I am also here to empower them so they can have the confidence to make changes that transform their lives for the better, and this may look different for everyone. Since each person is unique, I feel people need to honor their feelings and what they feel works best for their bodies and way of life. Because I am for the people, I honor the fact that people face real world challenges, challenges that must be met with increased awareness and social action to promote long term change. Meditation and chakra balancing isn't enough.

One of the primary goals during my spiritual development has always been to be of service to others. Why do you think I've been so damn perseverant on this path? You think it was just for me? No. I did it so I could be a clear vessel and truly help others. That is what my heart wants and this is what I fall back on, even when things get hard.

I am also realistic, which means I respect scientific research and respect those that have years of study under their belt. This is what people do not like. But that does not matter to me, because if you are going to bring change to this planet, there has to be some room for logic. This does not mean that you have to solely acknowledge logic and not honor intuition. This is another misconception that has been floating around. I'm not sure why people feel you need to sacrifice one for the other. No, you can balance both. And there's always room for speculation.

To Finish Up

Because, I do not fit into the mainstream spiritual narrative, it can be a bit disheartening at times when people doubt you because you don't fit into their idea of spirituality. While I do not wear flowy bohemian clothes with a turban, eat a vegan diet or believe COVID is fake, I believe in soul embodiment, spiritual awareness, body connection and Earth connection. I believe in being of service to others. I believe in social reform and justice. I believe, there is no need to sacrifice my Earth connection for my spiritual connection or vice versa. Because of my spiritual connection, I trust that all that needs to be will be. I trust myself and my reason for being here. That is good enough for me. So, even though I do not fit the mainstream spiritual narrative, I am not meant to. I am here to be me and bring all of me into the world.

Much love,


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