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Tapping Into the Divine Matrix

Listening to Ultimate Om by Jonathan Goldman

What is the Divine matrix? I see the Divine matrix as being a unified field of consciousness that connects and encompasses the consciousness of all living beings. It is the ultimate expression of life itself that began from the initial spark of creation and is ever expanding.

Why would you want to tap into this Divine matrix? Because it is the ultimate expression of abundance, creativity, love, and, as I mentioned before, life! All the fundamental building blocks of life are contained within this matrix and all that encompasses what you are as a Divine being are held within this matrix as well.

Think about all the things you desire, whether it be more money, more love, more happiness, etc. The average person tends to focus on the desire in its physical form first, hoping that the fulfillment of the desire will give them what they're asking for. There's nothing wrong with all. It's completely normal to react with joy when things turn out well. Also, many of these events and relationships that bring us joy are an important part of our spiritual journey. But let's take things a step further.

Consider the possibility that life is not limited to the love of a romantic relationship with your soulmate or happiness that comes from being able to go to an amusement park for example. Consider the possibility that you have the ability to align not only with the emotions that result from external situations, but with infinite love, infinite joy, infinite abundance and infinite creativity that will ALWAYS be present in your life regardless of what's happening around you or to you. This is what tapping into the Divine matrix is about...becoming one with the field of love, everlasting abundance and unconditional joy (All of these are the same energy). This love, everlasting abundance and unconditional joy is all that YOU ARE as a Divine being. Once you realize this, from there, everything else falls into place. So it's less about manifesting money, for example, and more about tapping into the infinite flow of abundance. Money is only one physical manifestation of abundance, which expresses itself in many forms.

Let me say that this "Divine matrix" is something we are all one with on a fundamental level. Tricky thing about this reality however, is that these truths don't start expressing themselves in our lives until we have an awareness of them. And awareness is only the beginning. From there, we have to be willing to embrace the process of releasing anything that keeps us from seeing that we have been a part of this Divine matrix since the beginning. That takes time, a bit of effort and sometimes no effort at all.

So if you want to tap into this Divine matrix, where do you begin?

Accept That You Are A Divine Being

Start looking into any beliefs that oppose the reality of your Divine nature. This may take some digging. But if you've been raised in a religious environment, that's usually a good place to start. Most people are raised with the belief that they are separate from the Divine and therefore feel they are somehow less than the Divine. A belief such as this can cause a sense of powerlessness and spiritual disconnection. But it is my firm belief that the Divine resides as an eternal spark within the hearts of every being on Earth. Because the Divine is within you, you can access the Divine at any time and also work with this energy to embody all that you desire. Remember that all of the love, joy and abundance you desire is what you are.

Affirm That You Are Ready to Align With the Truth of Who You Really Are

This is a tough one, but most people identify themselves based on what they've experienced

(especially negative experiences.) While these experiences can trigger us to create a version of ourselves that better deals with the trauma we've gone through, this is not who or what we truly are. The truth of who you are lies beyond all the superfluous "stuff" that has accumulated as a result of your experiences. Any identity that you've created as your foundation will not withstand the journey into the Divine matrix, so be willing to let it go. Yes, it's terrifying, but primarily because it's unfamiliar. Once you pop out the other side, you'll feel lighter and more free.

Become As Present As Possible

Being present has different levels. You can be present to where you are now by observing your space, your body and your feelings or you can become present on a soul level. On a deeper soul level, being present means calling your power back to the now moment. When we experience something painful or traumatic and don't heal, a part of ourselves is still residing in that time with our energy attached to that event. Because a portion of ourselves is still back in 1995 for example, we remain fragmented and surrender our power to the experience of that time. Becoming present would include taking responsibility for our lives and opening ourselves up to a wider perspective. Within those perspectives is the viewpoint that every person involved in the experience played their part and taught us something about ourselves. From there, we can make peace with the past and understand why all the pieces had to come together the way that they did. Remember, becoming present is a process. Start small by being present to your breath, your bodily sensations and your feelings, then start going deeper.

Make Love Your Priority

Be in your heart. You bet I'm going there for the 100th time. Sink into your heart and feel the emanation of love coming from this space. At first, you may feel absolutely nothing. That is normal. But if you make it a priority to focus your attention on your heart everyday, especially before making big decisions, you'll be able to go deeper as time passes. Residing within the heart also means making yourself a priority. This doesn't mean not considering the feelings of others, but rather acting with integrity. Start simply. Begin with asking yourself simple questions such as "What do I want to eat today?", "What color do I want to wear?" or "How are my energy levels today?" If you feel drained, know where to draw the line and say "no" to demands placed upon you by others. As time goes on, you can start asking yourself deeper questions such as "What do I want out of life?" "How do I want to express my gifts to the world?" As you bring your focus back to yourself, your energy literally starts to deepen and expand. The heart is the portal to the soul, and as you drill deeper into heart, you become more aligned with the Divine within you. At some point you'll find yourself floating in the embrace of Divine love. You are accessing the Divine matrix.

Have Patience With Yourself

The journey into the Divine matrix can be a bit of a roller coaster. You'll deal with a lot of ups and downs of an emotional nature. Fears will emerge as well as doubts and uncertainty. The Divine matrix is not one of certainty and a fixed perspective but a space of mystery and flow. Have patience with yourself as you explore your inner realms and allow this introspection to change the way you view yourself as well as the world around you.

I could go on about this forever, because once you merge with the Divine matrix, you approach life differently. But that's for another project. I hope you've enjoyed this blog. Stay tuned as I have more on the way.

Much love,


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