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The Awakening of Awareness- A Journey of Discovery

As the world begins to "wake up" as some would call it, there is an increase in the dimensions of perception. People are beginning to see that perhaps, there is something beyond the world of bills, work and living for the sole purpose of existing. Please know and remember, that while all this is exciting, it is only the beginning.

Cherish every stage of this journey and approach it with a sense of wonder. As much and as often as I like to mention that "There is still so much work that needs to be done", be open to seeing this process as a journey of discovery. Have it in your mind as an experience of exploration, of discovery. It is ok, to release the feeling of struggle and arduousness from this process. You may want to say to yourself, instead of "There is so much work. So much to do", maybe say, "There is so much that I can learn, so much to discover, so much to be revealed. There are so many opportunities to advance on this path and there is still so much that I can witness." That way, you can keep yourself open and receptive to the process and remain in a state of enchantment while you travel.

Keep yourself open to the idea that you are not finished where you are. As you are embodied, there is much to discover and experience no matter where you find yourself on the journey of life.

Short and sweet

Much love,


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