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The Golden Goddess Initiations Are Here!

After years of waiting...and getting my "stuff" together, I'm finally able to offer my Golden Goddeess Initiations course! I've been immersed in the Ancient Egyptian energy since my childhood and it's always been a part of my life. I didn't know how pertinent it would be to my spiritual journey until I began to receive intense visions and realizations shortly after my spiritual awakening in 2012. But this isn't just about Ancient Egypt; This is about the other civilizations that influenced Egypt's energy signature...Atlantis and Lemuria. But especially Atlantis.

Perhaps you remember me telling you about my first activation with the Hathors, where they appeared to me in my room one night and began to draw symbols over my forehead. This activation opened up my hairline chakra (the minor chakra around the hairline) and created another Goddess experience which facilitated the opening of my alta major chakra (another minor chakra at the nape of the neck), sometimes called the mouth of the Goddess.

I've had a great deal of other experiences related to Atlantis and Ancient Egyptian Goddesses that opened me up to receiving attunements from Spirit and therefore helped me to remember who I am and what I came to Earth to contribute. I had to work through some issues with self trust, which is normal. But now I am ready to share what I've gained with all of you.

The time is now. The Divine Mother is calling us to retrieve the memories encoded in our cells to share our Divine gifts with the world. The world needs it as it moves through this pivotal but confusing period of evolution. I could write about this forever, but I want to save the details for the course. If you're ready to sign up, click the link below for more details about the course itself as well as when the start day is.

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