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The Hathors- "The Temple of the Heart"

There is a temple within your heart where you must take up residence. Imagine your heart like a space in which you can inhabit. Remove any preconceived notions or expectations of yourself and what it means to live within the heart. Your goal is to set the intention and be there. From there, the heart will guide you to what you must do to stay within it's residence. Some of what you are guided to do may not be in resonance with what others feel, but this is of no matter for it is you who must feel the joy. It is you who must feel the resonance. Remind yourself of this when you are asked to do that which is out of alignment. You may be scared of judgement, of criticism, but rest assured you will be grateful for what you have done for yourself...for the gift you have given yourself. And this is the greatest gift that you can bestow to others.

Isis's temple at Philae

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