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The Hathors Transmission-"Removing the Garment of Illusion"

Below you will find a transmission of healing light from the Hathor frequency. Visualize as you read and be open to receiving this blessing from them.

"Enter our temple beloveds and see the wholeness of yourself. Remove the garment of illusion and step into the light to be made whole, to be transformed and made new. Step into this doorway of new beginnings and release. Let go and trust that just as the Universe has created you in all perfection that you will be received into a state of being that is new and perfect in creation. Feel the cells of your soul come alive, lighting up to receive this transmission from us. You are made whole in our temple of light. As your cells are cleansed of the old, they are receiving that which is new and meant for you, in alignment with the purity of your truest form, existence and being. Release the burdens of the past, that which has kept you stuck in a mentality of restriction and poverty. Remove the glasses which have altered your vision and see with eyes anew. You are made whole. Replace your garment of old, with a new lustrous garment, light and pink to represent the love that is in your heart; the love that is within you and connected to us always."-The Hathors

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