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The Healing Power of Whales-On Earth and Beyond

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Whales are some of the largest and oldest creatures in existence on our planet today. Having been around for millions of years, these ancient beings carry the records and memories of the Earth. Whales carry the vibration of the cosmic mother and are conduits for cosmic consciousness, assisting us in remembering the interconnectedness of all life. Through working with the energy of the whales we connect to the fabric of the Universe, the waters of creation and the sacred wisdom of our ancestors.

Listening to whale sounds enlivens our spirits and heals our souls, taking us deep into our inner cosmos. As a result, we may find it easier to connect with not only ourselves but with all of Earth's creatures. The whale song resonates with the vibrations of the Earth and the grid that maintains Earth's spiritual energy.

Those that feel an affinity to the energy of whales may be souls that have existed on the planet for an extended period of time, having assimilated a vast amount of knowledge throughout their journey that has been applied and transformed into wisdom. They may love the water element and may also feel connected to the cosmos and other star systems, as whales are associated with the energies of Sirius and Andromeda. Whale souls are deep, wise, intuitive, introspective and may even be quiet as they are frequently in a state of internal reflection.

Allowing the whale energy into our lives can help us to align with our stillness, our inner wisdom so that we can tune into the vastness of our inner space, so that we may know our purpose, the truth of our nature and create our reality accordingly.

Listening to the track link listed above, allow yourself to enter into a state of meditation.

Bring your focus to your inward.

Feel yourself being connected to your inner space, your emotions, your depth

See the whales swimming through your inner waters and healing you, carrying you deeper

You sink deeper and deeper...deeper into your inner space. Feel the depth and darkness there

Go as deep as you can with the whales until you reach a space of nothingness, blending into the fabric of space.

Feel the purity of this nothingness. Hear the whale's song reverberating through the fabric of your pure inner space and the space of everything.

Feel the connection between your heart, the whale's heart and the cosmic heart. You are one with it all.

Enjoy the journey of connecting with the whales

Much love,


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