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The Keys To Mastery

True mastery is self mastery, gaining sovereignty over the various aspects of your being. The path of self mastery and the ascension process are one and the same. We ascend by answering a call within the heart to serve a higher truth, one that is resonant with our unique expression as Divine, spiritual beings. As a result, there is a clearing out of old paradigms that do not support this higher truth. Beliefs based on old memories that make us feel powerless, trapped or stagnant in some way, also cause a feeling of separateness from the Divine that exists within us. But as we clear out these old beliefs, we make room for our most authentic Divine expression to shine through therefore, helping us to see the tremendous power we have as Divine beings to influence our reality through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. What shapes us is what shapes our experience. Realizing our power to influence our reality through our overall state of being and then being mindful of the way we navigate through life is what guides us into mastery. When we become more aware of ourselves and the power we have to change our lives, we also see that we have the ability to choose our reality from a multitude of realities that exist, as well as choose how we respond to each and every situation that presents itself. At the end of the day it all comes back to you. A master is self aware, strong in their power and their ability to affect their experience and therefore uses their power wisely.

The path of mastery is not to be taken lightly as it has many high points as well as trials and tribulations. But they all support our journey in becoming the greatest version of ourselves for the benefit of humankind and all creatures on the Earth.

Key 1: Listen to Your Heart:

Your heart is a pivotal point in your path to mastery. This journey cannot be taken from a mental, thought based standpoint; it must be done with the pure intention to be of service, which can only come from a heart centered perspective. Intuition, which is an important factor on this journey, is accessed through the heart- the portal to the soul and a gateway to tuning into higher states of awareness. Divine guidance and the wisdom of your soul are transmitted through this space. What aligns you to the truth of your existence can be found within the heart. Centering the mind within the heart will assure that this journey is being done so with the best and highest intentions. When attuned to the heart, you will always know what is true and what to do.

Key 2: Honor Your Feelings..All of Them

Contrary to popular opinion that spirituality is all about being positive, the only way to attain self mastery is through allowing yourself to explore the darkest regions of yourself. Doing so is the only way you will learn more about who you are, your feelings, your fears, and any beliefs you have created as a result of life experience. Stuffing down your feelings will not change a challenging situation; rather, it will attract more of what you are trying to avoid. Give yourself permission to gently explore what you feel without guilt.

Key 3: Reprogram Your Mind Through Affirmations

I love this practice and recommend it to all of my clients. Affirmations may seem pointless because they are so simple but one thing you will discover on this path is that keeping things simple is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Affirmations are statements, declarations of a particular state or situation you would like to experience, but as if it is already occurring. Such a practice is helpful on the path to mastery because it reprograms the mind so that it is aligned to the truth. It's best if your affirmations are as descriptive as possible so as to expand upon a particular statement. As opposed to affirming "I am wealthy", rather you would want to affirm, "I am the manifestation of Divine abundance. Abundance is my birthright. Abundance comes naturally to me. Abundance manifests in so many different forms in my life including money and support." Stating your affirmations this way adds a boost of energy to them and helps them infiltrate your life in a variety of ways. Also, affirmations can give you some perspective on any issues you maybe dealing with. If you try to affirm something but feel tightness in your stomach or have trouble believing it then there is something that needs to be explored on an emotional level. Remember that affirmations are not just what you plan to say at the start of your day; they also include how you talk to yourself and what you say at all times. So be mindful of the words you speak.

Key 4: Go Within for the Answers You Seek

This one is important. I know it's easier to find a teacher, a psychic channel or a book to give you the answers you're looking for. But the truth is that these mediums are only meant serve as support systems. They are not meant to "hold your hand" through your entire journey. When we constantly rely on an outside source to form our opinions and tell us what is "true" for us, we miss the point. The journey to mastery is about you, about discovering more about yourself and how you connect to the Divine, to the Universe, to life. How else will you be able to grow if someone else is always there giving you the answers? At some point, you need to be able to trust yourself enough to go within and see how YOU feel about the Divine. How do YOU connect? Discovering ways you connect and how you're serving as a piece of this big cosmic puzzle is a surefire way to hone your uniqueness, an integral part of your Divine expression and an important part of this journey

Key 5: Know You Can Only Do So Much

You are an individualized spark of Divine consciousness; In that, you are a co-creator of your experience. You are working in conjunction with the Divine, not by yourself. The path to mastery is just that, a path, a journey. It is not about the destination but what you learn and experience during your travels. So there is no need to force things along and to try and heal as quickly as possible. The timing of the most transformational points of our journey, we cannot decide. Set your intentions and commit to your process but know that you cannot control everything. There is Divine order at work.

Key 6: Meditate

Knowing yourself is priority on the road to mastery. One way you can get more in touch with your thoughts and feelings is through meditation. Meditation calls your energy back into the present moment through grounding and centering the mind. Sitting in meditation brings stillness, which can bring all aspects of yourself into alignment, removing resistance to your spirit and your soul. You can feel the impressions of your more subtle aspects more easily through meditation. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will share my personal meditation practice.

Key 7: Immerse Yourself in Life

One of the ways we cultivate mastery is through interacting with people in every day life. Life presents a great multitude of challenges whether on the path of mastery or not. However, if there is a commitment made to the path, meeting these daily challenges can help us see where we still have work to do. Working a regular job, spending time with family and friends can put us in situations where we must exercise compassion, patience, non-judgement, understanding and unconditional love which are values that are integral in the path to mastery. When we find ourselves confronted with any harsh feelings, this gives us the opportunity to dive in more deeply into ourselves and explore our spiritual landscape.

The Keys to Mastery are important points for this journey, however, the best lessons cannot be learned through a blog or book, but through walking the path. Many teachers have shared their discourses from the masters to aid in the process but nothing teaches us better than living life on our terms. You are a master.

Much love,


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