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The Next Step for Humanity: Part 1

With this big reintroduction I had this past week, it's opened me up to some realizations. One of those realizations being that it's super important for people to start coming into their own; whether it be their own body, their own mind, their own emotions. Basically their own spirituality. A big part of the spiritual community involves readers and diviners...people who can tap into the unseen worlds and receive insight. I believe that regardless of where you are on the spiritual journey, this is always going to be possible. But there comes a time where it becomes less of a priority. At some point, you may or may not notice that it takes too much energy to live life in this way...depending on your personal soul mission and where you are on your path of course. But I don't want to deviate from the purity of this message-that which I will state right now.

While people consulting readers has been a major part of the spiritual world thus far, it is time for a change. It is time for those who constantly consult readers to start getting in touch with their own intuition and work to build that muscle. This is especially important now as we are being collectively pulled into our hearts to be able to connect to ourselves, others and our paths more deeply. Whether or not you have an affinity for the spiritual arts, this remains true. And for many readers, it is time for them to expand into a larger definition of what it means to be spiritual. I see it all too often. Many readers and Reiki healers that look stuck because they feel how they have expressed their spirituality so far is the only way it can be done. But it's time for readers to start coming into their own, through either creating their own methods of healing and tuning in. Or maybe making a shift into another field that may not be as "spiritual" looking as being a reader but will hold a more expanded version of themselves and will therefore be a clearer expression of their truth.

This is not me trying to put readers out of business, but rather giving people the chance to reflect on exactly what it is they're doing and why they're doing it. If the work feels heavy, dry, lacks inspiration and fails to support your essence on all levels, then it's time to expand. If you are constantly seeking guidance from several psychics/intuitive readers and find yourself still confused and lacking clarity, then it's time go inward.

In the next post, I will be transmitting an important message about what else is next for humanity. Stay tuned!

Much love,


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